“Lack of desire”, “friendly match”, “apologies to the supporters”… Marseille’s reactions after the slap in Paris

“Lack of desire”, “friendly match”, “apologies to the supporters”… Marseille’s reactions after the slap in Paris

2023-09-25 01:49:26

Pau Lopez, Chancel Mbemba and Samuel Gigot take stock after OM’s 4-0 defeat at Paris-SG on Sunday evening, during the Classic.

Chancel Mbemba (OM defender, after the 4-0 defeat in Paris ) : «We lacked character. We are disappointed… We did not respect the club. PSG too strong? No. We really lacked character. It hurts… We keep our heads high and we will work for the next match (Saturday in Monaco, Editor’s note). How to get up? It will only happen through work. We’re not going to sleep well after this match. It’s the derby… It hurts. To all the supporters, we tell them that we are aware of this and that we will continue to work to defend the club. State of mind ? When we enter the field, it is to win. Against Ajax last Thursday, we came back to score. Shame? No. He lacked character. We lost but we are not going to give up. Did the crisis weigh? We have to stay united, that’s the most important thing. We need everyone, not everyone pulling left or right. We need to stay united: that’s the strength of Marseille. We are united, but it didn’t work… We have a week until the next match.» (in mixed zone)

Samuel Gigot (OM defender) : «It was a very complicated evening… We conceded this first goal very early. Then, with this somewhat lucky second goal… We had a plan for this match and it quickly fell through. Then, when you play a Classic with so little desire, it’s not possible… You have to get into them a little more, we respected them a little too much. Of course, they are good players, but if we let them play, we will say that they are magnificent… We lacked balls tonight, sorry for the term. All together. It’s a bit of a difficult period, we will get back up and there will be a return match at home. We will wait for them properly. The plan ? We wanted to close the spaces because we know they have speed up front. They had difficulty getting close to our goal. Unfortunately, we took this first goal on a free kick. What to say ? Full top corner… Behind, we had one or two situations, if we scored, the match could have turned. It’s football… We are very disappointed because we know the importance of this match. You must not give up. We will get back to work to win next week. Complicated week? When you play this kind of match, there is no need to look for excuses. We didn’t do the right thing. There’s no point in talking. The truth is on the ground, and we were outclassed. Nothing else to say.» (on Amazon)

We can’t fall lower

Pau Lopez

Pau Lopez (OM goalkeeper) : «We didn’t have a good match, it lacked everything, character, play, running, attitude… It seemed like it wasn’t a Classic, but a friendly match for us. .. We can’t fall lower. It’s time to rebuild. From Monday the season starts for us. We must apologize to the supporters. This is not the OM we want, the OM they deserve. As much as I was proud of what we did in Amsterdam, it was catastrophic there… It’s the truth and we must accept it. I believe in the team, the president and our supporters, who have shown that they are always there even in complicated situations. That’s what OM is. Now you have to show character. It’s a complicated time for us. Everyone will have to give a little more. It hurts a lot… The crisis of the week? I’m telling the truth: we can’t use what happened during the week as an excuse. We played in Amsterdam and we didn’t play there. The Parisians played better than us, that’s the reality of today’s meeting.» (in mixed zone)

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