Laives, over 4 kilos of drugs hidden in a garage: young couple arrested – Laives

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LAIVES. Policemen and Carabinieri of Laives, Egna and Bolzano arrested a couple of residents in Laives, found in possession of almost five kilograms of drugs, including cocaine and hashish, and more than nine thousand euros in cash. The police had received several reports of drug dealing in Laives in the railway station area. During observation services, two carabinieri noticed the cohabitant companion of a thirty-year-old, a 23-year-old from Bolzano with a clean record, entering a garage.

The oddity was that the garage in question was not theirs. This has greatly suspicious the military who intervened and blocked it. Shortly after, her partner also arrived and was intercepted and blocked. The policemen of the mobile squad also arrived on the spot, informed by the carabinieri of the Egna operating unit of the entrance to the garage. Garage which in the meantime has been discovered to have been rented “in black” by the couple.

Soldiers and agents then began to search the place and hiding here and there began to find sticks of cocaine and hashish. They had thought of finding drugs, but they couldn’t imagine so much.

In particular, they found just over 4.3 kilograms of cocaine divided into three large loaves of more than one kilo each, six one-pound loaves, one three-ounce and four ready-made packs of 23 grams in total. In addition, there were more than half a kilogram of hashish divided into five blocks of just over a pound and a loose piece of 23 grams. More than nine thousand euros in cash were also found, believed to be the proceeds of the criminal activity of drug dealing. Now all the drug will be analyzed by the Narcotics Analysis Laboratory to determine the level of purity and consequently the number of obtainable doses, which is in the order of thousands.

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