Lapid calls for authorities to rebel: “Not to cooperate with Avi Maoz”

The outgoing Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, last night (Thursday) sent an “open letter” to the heads of authorities throughout the country, in which he called on them not to cooperate with the unit for external programs and partnerships in the Ministry of Education, which is expected to be transferred to the responsibility of the designated deputy minister, MK Avi Maoz.

In his letter, Lapid bluntly attacked the new government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, which has not yet begun its term: “I am writing to you with great concern for the future of the education system and the state, since the new government established in Israel has abandoned the education of our children and handed them over to the most extreme and darkest elements in Israeli society.”

Referring to the expected appointment of the chairman of the Noam party, Avi Maoz, to deputy minister in the prime minister’s office, Lapid attacked the party and defined it as an “extreme, racist and dangerous party. I urge you not to cooperate with the unit for external programs and partnerships in the Ministry of Education as long as it is under the control of Ma’oz.”

“The heavy responsibility for the educational content our children will learn in schools now passes to you,” added Lapid. “In order to maintain the state and liberal education system, as it has been until now, and to exercise the right of the local government to shape education in its field, you must now act as gatekeepers.”

Lapid’s words caused a storm in the political system and on the Internet. MK Simcha Rothman of Religious Zionism, who is expected to be appointed chairman of the Constitution Committee, attacked: “We will forever have it in our hearts that he talks about teaching children ‘tolerance, acceptance of the other and telling the truth’. What does Yair Lapid understand about these values? A prime minister who has scandal with him. It is a disgrace to the State of Israel that this hollow and dangerous, inciting and rebellious man has reached this position. It is fortunate that he is leaving.”

MK Michal Waldiger (Religious Zionism) reacted vehemently: “I expected Yair Lapid to start with the calls for a civil war only after receiving the title of ‘head of the opposition’ and not when he is in the chair of transitional government. So I expected.”


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