Lapo and the memory: “When I was a starter in the Lakers …”

Lapo Elkann ‘starter’ with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010. More or less. With a much appreciated tweet, Lapo recalls the exploit in the NBA made on March 9, 2010 at the Staples Center, where the Lakers challenged the Toronto Raptors at the time led by Andrea Bargnani. Elkann remembers the episode of which he was the protagonist in the final of the match: at 104-100 in favor of the yellow and purple, Lapo got up from his seat in the front row – next to the singer of the Maroon Five, Adam Levine – to intercept a ball still in play and to neutralize the attempt of José Maria Calderon, play of the Canadians.

Photos and videos, which went around the world, more than 12 years after the game go back viral thanks to the self-irony of the ‘culprit’. “I unlock a memory for you Magic wand: I was a starter in the Lakers and I anticipated the great Calderon. I also received applause from Adam Levine”, tweets Lapo today.


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