Laptop for students: which models are suitable for studying?

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FFor many, the question arises at the beginning of their studies: which laptop do I really need? There is a large selection, and many of the top models are priced quickly beyond a student’s budget, so it makes sense to consider inexpensive equipment first when purchasing. However, you should make sure that even bargains meet some basic criteria: Weight, screen size, battery life, processor performance and RAM play a decisive role when buying a laptop for students. Below you will find out why it can pay off to take a closer look.

Laptops for students: popular models in a quick overview

  1. Ultrabook LincPlus P1 *
  2. Lenovo HD+ Notebook*
  3. Lenovo ThinkPad T440p*
  4. LincPlus Notebook *
  5. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go*

Notebook for students: our favorites

When looking for a suitable laptop, you should first be clear about the requirements the device should meet. Above all, many students need a reliable and handy notebook so that they can take notes in lectures, prepare presentations or work on submissions. There are many models for this purpose that are also available for little money. The LincPlus P1 * ultrabook is the most popular among laptops up to 300 euros. It allows you to work quickly on the 13.3-inch screen and has a slim design that can even keep up with high-priced Apple products.

If the demands are a little higher, however, it can also be worthwhile to buy a particularly powerful laptop. A large working memory is definitely useful if design programs or statistical software are to run on the computer. The Lenovo HD + notebook with its 20 GB DDR4 and a hard drive size of 1000 GB is ideally suited for this. In addition, you can work comfortably on the 17-inch screen, even if several windows are open at the same time.

Laptops up to 300 euros at the student price

The handy and at the same time very affordable Lincplus 14-inch laptop * with 4 GB RAM and full HD is equipped for everyday student life. The ultrabook also comes with a fast SSD hard drive. A popular alternative is the Jumper EZBook X3 *, which also includes 4 GB of RAM, but also a one-year license for Microsoft Office.

Tip: Of course, laptops are also available for less than 200 euros, but such bargains are often to be enjoyed with caution. Both the performance and the battery life can be perceived as inadequate – unless it is a refurbished, used device that students can use to make ends meet for a few more years.

Light laptops: particularly popular

During your studies you go to lectures, to the library and to seminars almost every day – heavy luggage can quickly become a burden. Most students therefore prefer lightweight laptops so that they do not have to carry extra pounds in addition to the work materials they need. Especially the Huawei MateBook * literally makes life easier for students thanks to its 14-inch display and its low weight: the laptop weighs only 1.38 kilograms.

Apple also has a lightweight design – the Macbook Air * with a 13-inch screen diagonal is also very popular as a business laptop. Thanks to its lightweight components and the lack of a CD and DVD drive, it weighs just 1290 grams.

A slightly cheaper notebook with a similar weight comes from Microsoft: The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go * weighs 1110 grams.

Small laptops: provide flexibility

Also crucial: Small laptops are much more practical in everyday life than notebooks with a large display – if only because they can easily disappear in a backpack or bag. Here it is crucial to find a good balance between compact size and practicality: Small laptops with a screen size of 10 to 11 inches such as the Lenovo Chromebook * are suitable for writing notes in the lecture. For longer researches in which many tabs are opened at the same time, however, a size of 12 to 14 inches is more recommended in order to be able to work efficiently. For example, the Lenovo ThinkPad T440p * is better suited for this.

Tip: If you want to work outdoors between lectures, you might be better off with a matt display. Reflective screens, on the other hand, provide more colorful images – a plus for anyone studying graphic design or photography, for example.

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12 inch laptop: Surface Pro

Are you looking for a laptop with a 12-inch screen – then a look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 * with snap-on keyboard and Full HD touch screen is a good idea. The convertible notebook is powerful enough to master everyday tasks with confidence and at the same time to meet all the requirements of a tablet.

Tip: An 11-inch laptop can also be considered for students – the little helpers are particularly in demand if you already have a desktop PC at home and you want to be able to take notes in lectures and seminars and check e-mails and to do occasional research on the go. Thanks to their compact format, 11-inch laptops also fit into smaller backpacks and handbags. In addition, they are negligible.

Laptops up to 500 euros: versatile all-rounders

Basically, you should keep in mind: the more demands you place on a laptop, the more it pays off to invest in a more expensive model. Students who work with programs that require a lot of processor power (for example Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects or Final Cut) will quickly reach the limits of an inexpensive notebook that is primarily designed for everyday desk work. Even laptops that cost less than 500 euros can do a lot.

The Acer Chromebook * is equipped with a full HD display, 4 GB LP-DDR4 RAM and a fast Intel processor that provides enough power. The price: 379 euros.

It can also be worth taking a look at current gaming laptops, which usually have a good graphics card and high processor performance. The Lenovo Gaming Notebook * has enough power at a price of less than 500 euros.

Student discount laptop: This is how you can save significantly on your purchase

Regardless of whether you want to get a bargain at the beginning of your studies, need a new laptop during your studies or make use of student status again shortly before graduation: Buying a laptop with a student discount can be really worthwhile. Numerous manufacturers such as Microsoft, Lenovo and Apple know how important a good laptop is for students and therefore lure their customers with discounts of up to 25 percent. Part-time students, teachers and employees of educational institutions can also take advantage of the student discount.

It is still worth comparing – if you take advantage of the free Amazon Prime membership, for example, you may be able to discover even cheaper offers than in the manufacturer’s online shop and even save on shipping. You can find more helpful tips on buying a laptop in the notebook buying guide.

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This article was first published in June 2019.


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