Large nationwide stroke study

The chance of a good recovery is greatest if the correct diagnosis can be made as soon as possible

A large group of Dutch researchers will receive €4 million for a large-scale study into rapid and better treatment of stroke patients. The UMCG is also expressly participating in this study.

The Heart Foundation and the Brain Foundation are jointly investing €4 million in a large-scale study to increase a patient’s chance of a good recovery after a cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral haemorrhage. The research, called CONTRAST-IMPULSE, is being carried out by a consortium in which all Dutch University Medical Centers and regional hospitals work together. The latter do the treatment where a clot is removed from a blood vessel in the brain in the event of a cerebral infarction. Maarten Uyttenboogaart (Neurology and Radiology), Maarten Lahr and Erik Buskens (Epidemiology) from the UMCG are involved in this study.

Every second counts
The chance of a good recovery is greatest if the correct diagnosis can be made as soon as possible and the correct treatment can be started as soon as possible. This already starts in the ambulance, where the cause of a stroke is currently not always easy to determine. By using new technology, it should soon be possible to make the correct diagnosis in the ambulance and then transport the patient directly to the most suitable hospital. This concerns, for example, a smart swimming cap equipped with electrodes with which patients can be diagnosed in the ambulance if there is a suspicion of a stroke.

clinical studies
The researchers are also starting six large clinical studies. These studies investigate the effect of new treatments. More than 6000 patients from the participating hospitals will participate in these studies. This group is followed for a long time. Rehabilitation physicians are also involved in these studies. This also makes it possible to tackle health problems in patients that arise later in life.

Better acute and long-term treatment
The research program is coordinated by Erasmus MC and Amsterdam UMC and will last five years. ‘Through this collaboration and the support of the Hersenstichting and Hartstichting, we are strengthening Dutch research into the diagnosis and treatment of strokes. We want to ensure that people with a stroke are treated in the right hospital as quickly as possible. Our ambition is to really make a difference for people who have a stroke. Not only through better acute treatment, but also through better guidance of the long-term consequences so that they experience a better quality of care’, say Maarten Lahr and Maarten Uyttenboogaart.

More information about the background of the CONTRAST-IMPULSE study can be found here.

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