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Plus sizes with iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface & Co.

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Large tablets can also serve as an alternative to laptops

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Not everyone likes it ultra-compact: Those who value their tablet not only on performance but also on size should take a look at the following XL tablets.

EWhether for films or series, for reading and surfing the Internet or for creative work: Tablets are increasingly becoming the laptop alternative. While there are many users for whom it cannot be compact enough and who use mini tablets, others value a large display.

XL tablets: a quick overview of popular models

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite incl.pen (10.4 inch) *
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (12.3 inch) *
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + with stylus (12.4 inch) *
  4. Xoro Mega Pad (14 inch) *
  5. Xoro Mega Pad (32 inch) *

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Big tablet: the different sizes

On average, tablets are between seven inches and ten inches in size. The screen diagonal is measured. The following applies here: one inch equals 2.54 centimeters. A 7-inch tablet has a diagonal of 17.8 centimeters. Whether you prefer a large or a small tablet is a matter of taste and depends on the intended use. If you use your tablet primarily to read the newspaper and watch films and like to have it with you at all times, you will prefer a more compact device – because larger tablets are always a bit heavier and less practical.

But if you prefer a larger area and, for example, work on your tablet professionally or need a tablet for drawing, a larger device could be interesting for you. XL tablets are available in different sizes: from 13-inch tablets to 14- and 15-inch devices to sizes that are more like a large computer monitor.

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Samsung-Tablets: Galaxy Tab S7+ und Co.

Samsung has some large tablets in its range – including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + with 12.4 inches *.

However, if you are looking for a Samsung device that can compete with Apple’s iPad Pro in terms of specifications, you have to think a little smaller: The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite * is currently one of the most powerful tablets in the Samsung range – but with a size of “only “10.4 inches.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 * with its 10.4 inches offers Dolby Atmos Surround Sound with four speakers and a quick charge function with 15 watts. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A T510N * also offers Dolby Sound and also enables children to play and learn digitally thanks to the kids-home function.

The largest iPad: iPad Pro 12.9 ”

When talking about tablets, of course, there is no way around the iPad. The devices from Apple convince with a high-resolution, brilliant display, the unmistakable Apple design and a very good operating system with regular updates. Of course, you have to dig a little deeper into your pockets with the Californian tech giant than with the competition – especially with the Pro range of iPads.

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Exactly such a device – an iPad Pro * – must be used by all those who rely on Apple and want it to be as large as possible. The currently largest tablet is the iPad Pro with 12.9 inches. This corresponds to a screen diagonal of 32.77 centimeters – large enough to comfortably watch films or work on the tablet. A tablet pen is particularly suitable for drawing. These are available as Apple originals or as an inexpensive Apple Pencil alternative.

Apart from its size, the iPad Pro has a lot of impressive features. The Liquid Retina display with promotion and True Tone ensures a razor-sharp and high-contrast image, the Apple M1 chip enables a power that is already close to that of laptops. This is exactly where Apple seems to want to go with its new and future tablet generations: The tablet as a laptop replacement (or supplement). However, you have to buy an additional keyboard for this – which is also not very cheap. In addition, the latest generation of iPad Pro supports the Apple Pencil 2 – and is more of a work device for creative people than a pure tablet for media consumption.

iPad Alternative: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

If you don’t want to rely on Apple, but are also looking for a 12-inch or larger tablet, you should keep an eye on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 *. This is a tablet / laptop hybrid with a 12.3-inch screen and lots of computing power. With a type cover, the tablet becomes a notebook – without it, it looks like a regular tablet that is relatively light at 776 grams. Anyone looking for a tablet with a keyboard will find a user-friendly, large and powerful device in the Surface that is suitable for many purposes.

14-inch tablet: Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro

With its Lenovo Yoga 7i Convertible Tablet *, Lenovo was also able to score with 14-inch tablets – which can be used as both a laptop and a tablet.

Another 14-inch tablet is available from Xoro. The Mega Pad1404 * has a screen diagonal of 35.5 centimeters and runs with a QuadCore 1.8GHz Cortex A17 processor.

15-inch tablets: And even bigger

15 inches * is already big, but it can be bigger. Xoro has some XXL tablets in its range. The MEGA Pads are also available in 32 inches * (screen diagonal 81.28 centimeters) and even 43 inches (109.22 centimeters). Whether you still want to call devices of this size a tablet or a multifunctional touchscreen is a matter of definition.

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Features and models at a glance

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This article was first published on July 2nd, 2020.


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