Last attempt to find Lard a team, Lavi will take off tomorrow

Last attempt to find Lard a team, Lavi will take off tomorrow

Doron Ben Dor

Ofri Arad (Omari Stein)

Ofri Arad (Omari Stein)

Maccabi Haifa accepted with satisfaction the decision of the league management to postpone the league game that was planned yesterday (Monday) against Hapoel Hadera and set it for tomorrow. The club was satisfied with the decision mainly because of the desire not to harm the almost 8,000 fans who were supposed to arrive in particularly wintery weather and endanger their health.

Even on the professional level, it was clear to everyone in the team that if the game was played in weather conditions of strong wind and rain, this would offset the qualitative advantage of the leader over Hadera. In Haifa, they claim that the only minus of the postponement is the fact that, immediately after the match, the team will actually only have two days in which to prepare for the league game this weekend against Kiryat Shmona in Sami Ofer, while if the game had gone ahead yesterday as planned, the team would have had four days to prepare, which is extremely significant.

The outgoing captain of Maccabi Haifa, Neta Lavi will take off tomorrow night to Japan for his new path. Another player who might be able to get on the train and leave for a team overseas is Oferi Arad. The defender’s representatives are trying at the very last minute to find Lard a team in one of the leagues in Bulgaria, Russia and Croatia so that he can move and play there and not spend the season in Israel as a player who is at best pushed to the edge of the bench.

Ofri Arad (Omari Stein)Ofri Arad (Omari Stein)

Arad is not alone in a situation where he will have difficulty seeing playing minutes and together with him there are other players such as Ben Shaher, Yanon Eliyahu and Bassem Zarora who will probably have difficulty seeing playing minutes. Meanwhile, Rami Gershon, who is highly regarded and ends his contract at the end of the season, may postpone the possibility of hanging up his shoes and playing at least one more season. The brakeman will make a final decision on the issue together with the professional team towards the end of the season.


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