Last night in the dance: “Kar A Sh tennis in the sky with Isidora” is an ingenious show

Choreographer Nimrod Fried has a movement language that is unique to him. His work is interdisciplinary dance in unconventional and surprising combinations of dance, live music, and theater. His new work, which premiered last night, consists of 2 different sections that deal with the universal human desires: to be loved and to win. Both works are performed by Mami Shimazaki, a dancer, actress, creator and teacher, born in Tokyo, Japan, who lives and works in Tel Aviv.

ק ר א ש

Fried created a show on the verge of performance inspired by the song DO YOU LOVE ME by the heartbreaking band. “We live in a world of clashes with ourselves, our society and cultures: the passion for love versus loneliness and helplessness. Being young, erupting and exploding in the face of old age and end, roots and tradition clash with change and innovation.” The piece is presented with live music played by Sharon Atar on drums and guitar. Mami Shimazaki performs dance, singing and acting in a movement combined with classical, modern and contemporary dance.

Photo: Itamar Fried

Tennis in the sky with Isidora

Mami Shimazaki in a solo show, dressed in the Wimbledon tennis player costume, tries to win again and again. The tennis game and the uncompromising struggle of the tennis player for victory, is presented as an image of our war for survival here and now. Attack, defend, lose and win. For the show, authentic sound from the tennis court combined with soul music. The show was created as a homage to Isadora Duncan – the pioneer of modern dance and the first dancer to perform barefoot.

Mami Shimazaki Dancer, actress, creator and teacher. Born in Tokyo, Japan, she lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. After 10 years absent from the stages, Mami returns to perform – dancer creates partner and soloist with Nimrod Fried. Mami danced as a soloist for about 12 years with the Batsheva dance troupe. Appeared most of the repertoire of the creator Ohad Naharin. In addition, she has worked with choreographers such as John Jesspers, William Forsyth, Sharon Eyal, Ruth Ziv Eyal, Barak Marshall and more. Mami Shimazaki is the winner of the Best Actress Award – European Independent Film Festival 2018, as the lead actress in the feature film “Call to Dreams”, directed by Ren Slavin. In recent years she has been invited to perform and create in Europe – Germany, Italy, Ireland and Israel with dance, theater and video productions. Teacher and facilitator of workshops for all ages in contemporary ballet and dance, in Israel and around the world. Graduate of the Maurice Bejarz School of Dance and Performing Arts in Switzerland.

Obscene gesture

Another homage to another dance pioneer, Pina Bausch, was created by Hillel Kogan And presented by him in a single show. Kogan utters an ingenious, witty and sharp text depicting a surrealistic and absurd dream that grins at social norms. At the same time he performs a dance theater that contains all the characteristic elements of Pina Bausch. Indecent movement was originally created for five dancers, in 2011 and was first presented at a screen-lifting festival. “The work marks the beginning of my interest in choreographic writing based on quotes and addressing the canon of Western artistic dance,” explains Hillel Kogan.. Hillel Kogan is a contemporary choreographer and award-winning dancer, whose works have appeared at festivals and stages in Israel and around the world. He danced in the Batsheva Ensemble and in bands in Portugal and Switzerland. Among his works are “Arab Lovers,” “The Swan and the Pimp,” “Spring Worship” and “What Now.” Conducted the Screen Lifting Festival from 2015-2016, and created for bands in France, Portugal and Austria. Cogan creates on the seam between dance and theater. His works combine movement, text and objects / sound that are present into a visual language that navigates itself wisely and wittily between subtle and explicit statements about the world of dance, popular culture and contemporary society,

Photo: Sarah Peled

Nimrod Fried / Tami Band Recognized as a blend of artistic mediums, in authentic movement language, contemporary, passionate, extraordinary, brave and uncompromising dance theater. His work also deals with dance in the public space – in urban spaces and in nature. Has lived in New York City for about 10 years – performed with the band KEI TAKEI and created independently. One of the founders of the Choreographers Association. Initiated and artistically managed the “On a Thin Rope” project at Beit Tami, the Lev Tel Aviv Community Cultural Center. And the “Red Line” project at the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art. Founded his band Nimrod Fried / Tammy Band as the winner of the Steinmetz Family Foundation grant, the Du Aman Award – Habima Theater and other grants and awards. Performances around the world, on five continents: Australia – Japan, USA, South Africa, India, China, Singapore, Europe – Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus and more. And in Israel – the Israel Festival, and in dozens of festivals and communities in Israel. Senior lecturer at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. MA in Columbia University. Created for world dance troupes.

A tennis in the sky with Isidora is a fine, different and challenging show in its artistic conception and is highly recommended for lovers of the great contemporary.


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