last stand for opposition to the Assembly

last stand for opposition to the Assembly

2023-06-08 07:57:00

Priveted to vote on a proposal to cancel retirement at 64, the oppositions will make their anger heard Thursday against the presidential camp, accused of anti-democratic excesses, during an endgame which promises to be electric at the Assembly.

The deputies will be able to examine the bill to repeal the independent group Liot, from 9 a.m. in the hemicycle.

But emptied of its flagship measure, which had fueled the flame of opponents of the pension reform despite its promulgation in mid-April.

Unsurprisingly, the President of the Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet brandished Wednesday Article 40 of the Constitution, which prohibits any parliamentary proposal creating a burden on public finances.

“I apply the rule, nothing but the rule”, justified the holder of the perch, who declared “inadmissible” amendments restoring the retirement age to 62 years, which were to be examined Thursday in plenary session.

The measure was first torpedoed in committee in a tight vote, then reintroduced via these amendments.

The left and Liot had good hopes of reversing the balance of power, in the hemicycle, with the support of the RN and certain LR deputies.


By blocking their examination, Yaël Braun-Pivet, from the Macronist ranks, “failed to pay”, thundered Bertrand Pancher on Wednesday, the boss of the deputies of Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories (Liot).

Unable to vote on a repeal, “we will take public opinion to witness” from the hemicycle on Thursday, he promised, auguring a stormy session.

The Socialists want there to be a minimum vote on the only amendment in connection with the 64 years having passed the filter of article 40, even if it only asks for a report. “MPs who vote for this amendment will express their rejection of the reform,” they say.

Beyond the pensions, the oppositions will take advantage of the platform to broaden their challenge to that of the exercise of power by the presidential camp.

From the use of 49.3 to that of Article 40, they accuse him of having flouted Parliament to pass his highly contested reform.

On the far right, Marine le Pen worried about a “drift towards anti-parliamentarianism.

“They are paving the way for an illiberal democracy”, launched for his part the boss of the socialist deputies Boris Vallaud, while his communist counterpart, André Chassaigne, spoke of “a democratity which tomorrow can open to a dictatorship”.

Motion of censure

The leader of the Insoumis, Mathilde Panot, considered “unacceptable that we can make such a coup without there being a reaction behind”, announcing her wish to file a motion of censure.

But she did not give a date for this initiative, which has yet to be discussed between the Nupes partners. Some are reluctant, like the Liot group, whose motion narrowly failed in March.

Even adopted by the Assembly, the repeal proposal would have had only a slim chance of succeeding at the legislative level, the Macronists have constantly argued. While worrying about the political signal that a victory of the oppositions would have sent.

With the end of this parliamentary sequence, two days after a 14th day of social mobilization whose participation was the lowest recorded in five months of demonstrations, the executive hopes to be able to turn the page on pensions.

After the “general discussion” Thursday morning on his proposed repeal law, it is likely that Liot withdraws his text before even moving on to the examination of what remains of it, indicated a source within the group.

The objective is to give a chance to be debated to some of the six other texts that the group has prepared for its “parliamentary niche”, while this reserved day will have to end no matter what happens at midnight.

The one listed in second position aims to increase revenue from the tax on financial transactions (FTT) by making the financial sector contribute.

Another, carried by the deputy of Guadeloupe Olivier Serva, concerns the Overseas Territories. In particular, it proposes extending existing mobility assistance schemes to workers in these territories.

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