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Three protagonists of the last season for the second most watched series (after Squid game) speak in non-English language: “We close at the peak of success”

The “other” Belén has a surname which, if she had a “Q”, would be perfect to define her identity, given that in the TV series from a man she becomes a woman. Her name is Cuesta and she is an actress. Belén Cuesta got on a moving train, she is the last to arrive in Lake
paper asa. He changed his gender and identity, he was one of the hostages in the Bank of Spain but in reality he is an undercover member of the gang. It is the series that has depopulated on Netflix, the last 5 chapters of the farewell series, the fifth, will be available from 3 December.

Belén was “a waitress like many others and now my life has changed drastically, they write to me from the Philippines”. In the series where everyone has a code name, she is Manila.

Here are Enrique Arce (Arturito) and Pedro Alonso, one of the most loved of The paper house, who had been made to die in the second series and went on to live on in flashbacks. Like Belén, he too is terribly likeable and at every question he hides behind the fact that “I don’t know anything why I’m dead”. Enrique-Arturito instead also tells what Netflix does not want to disclose: their audience figures (spread over 190 countries): “We had 68 million viewers in the world, second only to Squid Game, the Korean series, which is at 140 million ». The paper house has changed the balance of power and scenario. «The Spanish industry – says Pedro – is small, generalist TV is for children and grandparents, the platforms are a tsunami, sums of niches that form an ocean of possibilities. Are we closing at the peak of success? We finish before we get burned. We challenged the US on action with a touch of Latin heat ».

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Why do you like a product about a movie classic, bank robbery, and such a simple storyline so much? The twists, the nuanced relationship between bandits, hostages and law enforcement? “The formula is in a safe in Switzerland,” jokes Pedro. Did you mind living “dead” in flashbacks? “But The
paper house it had to end after the second series, living everything at a distance I explored new territories, Berlin is like a Russian matryoshka ».

If before the pivot was the intelligence of the Prof who architects the blow, now it is all an explosion. Belén Cuesta intervenes: «We have put a lot of meat on the fire, it’s a more warlike season, but without forgetting the emotional side». Enrique Arce: «With the success came money and time for storytelling».

How has your life changed? Pedro: «I have to have my feet on the ground and get away from the noise. I paint, I produce documentaries, I wrote a book. I manage the no’s. I need my creative garden ». Enrique: «I want everything immediately. As an actor I started in the USA, in Spain I couldn’t work, I didn’t have a euro and not even an agent, they didn’t accept me at auditions. Everything changed in one day ». Belén: «I feel lucky».

To the policemen who did not dig a spider out of the hole (it was called “the anti-system series”), joined the army.

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