Launched in Israel: Three new models of vacuum cleaners from NEATO

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Biconnect Technologies, launches the new series of vacuum cleaners from the American brand NEATO, which develops high-quality and uncompromising products while maintaining quality and experience. NEATO vacuum cleaners were previously sold in Israel and now Biconnect has begun importing and re-marketing them in the Israeli market.

For starters the company will sell three models of vacuum cleaners: model D8 at a price of NIS 1,990, Model D9 at the price of NIS 2,390 And model D10 at the price of NIS 2,790.

Biconnect will provide a one-year warranty with a collection service from the customer’s home in the event of a malfunction within 48 hours and a return of up to an additional 4 days – a total of 6 days for a repair process. In addition, a telephone support service in Hebrew and a professional and experienced service center. NEATO itself offers free customer support via phone, chat, email or on social networks 24/7.

NEATO vacuum cleaner. Image source: NEATO

The three robots The sages The launches in Israel in parallel with the global launch include technology LaserSmart And use the same type of LiDAR technology found in many autonomous cars to support SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) navigation. Unlike other camera-based robots that capture images of users and their environment, Neato’s LiDAR technology allows Neato to scan its environment with lasers and clean in low to dark light conditions, including at night and under furniture, all without compromising users’ privacy and security. Neato also offers world-class encryption for storing mapping coordinates on both products and the cloud, and does not share or sell user data.

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The NEATO D8 vacuum cleaner. Image source: NEATO

Nito is a smarter vacuum cleaner; The form of the D Allows the vacuum cleaner to use brushes that reach corners that round vacuum cleaners do not reach, programming option regional GONO To prevent obstacles and program areas for cleaning more frequently, MAX mode for deep cleaning even those that can not be seen and homes with pets and for deep and thorough cleaning on fibrous surfaces, Filters True HEPA To capture 99.7% of the allergenic particles up to 0.3 microns, Up to 5 working hours For single loading, coverage of 250 square meters, option to save an operating plan for each floor in the house up to 3 floors with defined pumping areas and more.

The NEATO D9 vacuum cleaner. Image source: NEATO

Vacuum cleaners NEATO The sages With Powerful suction Mapping the rooms of the house and space using the laser and not moving between them, they estimate their location in space, and clean the house in a systematic way. In addition, if additional charging is still required during the pumping operation, NEATO returns to the charging dock for charging, and immediately thereafter resumes cleaning until completion of work.

They allow 4 cleaning modes, Which include pre-scheduling, full house cleaning, multi-area cleaning, and extra-care cleaning, option for energy-saving mode – ECO, turbo mode for thorough and in-depth cleaning, automatic that adjusts the type of cleaning according to the type of surface on which the robotic vacuum cleaner is located and MAX for pets. Compliance with Alexa voice commands, and Google Assistant.

The NEATO D10 vacuum cleaner. Image source: NEATO

Through use In the app MyNeato And a Bluetooth connection to the vacuum cleaner can be easily and simply set the desired cleaning areas and also areas that the robot will not reach. The app also allows viewing the cleaning map (up to 3 different maps), viewing the cleaning history and defining areas without entry. In addition, NEATO Sends software updates automatically so that the vacuum cleaner will always have the latest features as soon as they are available.

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Also in accessories NEATO leads with the largest collection tank in the category with a volume of 0.7 liters, and the wide brush in the 28 cm long category which allows for more collection and less frequent emptying, 2 additional filters, an additional side brush and cleaning tools for brushes.

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