Launching the second phase of “Mental Health Ambassadors” – Albilad newspaper

Riyadh – the country

The National Center for Mental Health Promotion launched the training program for mental health ambassadors (second phase) in the presence of more than 40 male and female trainees from government, private and charitable organizations, over a period of six days at the center’s headquarters in Riyadh.

The supervisor of the mental health ambassadors program, social specialist Nada bint Oqab bin Abboud, explained that the program aims to qualify ambassadors who represent mental health in work environments, provide them with basic concepts and knowledge of mental health and raise awareness of it in their facilities, in addition to identifying the method of directing and guiding psychological support workers. Available in the work environment or outside, and activating events related to mental health.

The specialist, Nada bin Abboud, indicated that the mission of the “Mental Health Ambassadors” program is not to diagnose workers and provide psychological counseling to them; Rather, it seeks to promote mental health in the work environment and facilitate access to mental health services, indicating that the training program received great attention from the trainees and that it is the first program of its kind in the Kingdom.


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