Laurencet leaves Fratelli d’Italia: ‘it’s time to look forward’

The leader of the center-right in the city council announces his exit from the party on Facebook

AOSTA. The leader of the center-right group in the Aosta City Council Paolo Laurencet leaves the Brothers of Italy.

With a message on Facebook, the councilor explains: “For #Aosta’s sake, sometimes you have to arm yourself with courage and make difficult choices. Embark on uphill paths, in order not to fail in the commitments made, in your responsibilities. of these choices: leave #fratelliditalia “.

The group leader announces that he wants to “carry on the projects for which I was voted: to save the Puchoz stadium, to relaunch Aosta in terms of tourism and business”.

“I thank Fratelli D’Italia – Valle D’Aosta for making my entry into politics possible. Now, however, it is time for me to look ahead and continue doing what I have always done: truly believe in it”, concludes Laurencet.

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