The police attacked the police on the legislation, claiming that the mask did not wear and the allegation of his face.

Abdul Rahim (22) from Vyasarpadi New Town, Chennai. He is a 5th year student at the University of Law. He has also been working part time while studying in college. Rahim was returning home after work at 11.30 last night. At that time, the police on security duty detained him.

Police have asked Rahi to pay a fine for not wearing a face mask. Rahim said he could not pay the fine because he was wearing a mask. An argument is said to have taken place between the two sides. Following this, the police arrested Rahim and took him to the police station for allegedly trying to attack the policeman.

Rahim was allegedly beaten by police at the police station and stripped naked and urinated on his face. Abdul Rahim had lodged a complaint at the Kodungaiyur police station stating that he was wearing a helmet during the incident but was forced by the police to pay a fine and did not show his identity card.

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He also claimed to have been stripped naked and assaulted by police, who kicked him in the chest at the police station overnight and injured him. He sustained an eye injury in the attack on the bureau and was stitched up. The police also bought food and attacked them for not letting them eat. He said he was beaten from 1pm to 11am and urinated on his face.

In connection with the incident, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Deputy General Secretary Vanni Arasu on his Twitter page, Abdur Rahim, a law student who was not wearing a mask, was attacked by Kodungaiyur police and urinated in his face. Do you torture students if you catch rowdies? Transfer police cheating! Dismiss! Release student immediately! ‘ Has posted that.

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