Lawyer and translator for John Poulos resign

Lawyer and translator for John Poulos resign


During the hearing on Tuesday, January 31, for American John Poulos, accused of murdering 23-year-old DJ Valentina Trespalacios, his defense attorney, Martín Riascos, and his translator, Martha Lucía Morales, resigned. .

Although John Poulos accepted the resignation of his lawyer and received that now his public defender is Juan Manuel Falla, who represents him during the hearing; He said that he has not been given the guarantees for his defense and that he has not understood anything that has happened in the proceedings.

Due to the resignation of the translator, the hearing was suspended and will resume tomorrow, Wednesday, February 1, so that they can get a new translator for the case, published Radio blue.

The now extra-translator of the American has been questioned by the lawyer of the Trespalacios family, Miguel Ángel del Río, who had requested a change of translator on the grounds that she does not have the requirements to carry out the hearing.

Colombian authorities are looking for a woman linked to Valentina Trespalacios’ boyfriend

The defense finds it worrying that the case is declared null and void because the presence of a translator is essential in this because Poulos, who does not speak Spanish, has the right to have what is happening during the process explained to him.

John Poulos denied the charges

John Poulos rejected the charges of homicide and aggravated femicide, filed against him by the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office, at the charge hearing that lasted more than five hours and took place last Friday, January 27.

Giving his answers, when the prosecutor asked him if he accepted the charges, the American said that he did not and that he was aware of his decision.

Poulos is the main suspect in the murder of Valentina Trespalacios because some 300 hours of video, which the authorities collected, show the different places where both were from the night of Friday, January 20, until the early morning of Sunday, January 22.

With information from Blu radio

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