Lawyer detained at Qatar World Cup extradited

Lawyer detained at Qatar World Cup extradited

The lawyer from Jujuy who had been arrested on December 8 when he was enjoying the World Cup in Qatar and was accused of having ordered an assault on a distributor in San Salvador de Jujuy a month earlier in which an employee was murdered, was extradited from that country and It was expected to arrive in Argentina last night.

Diego Javier Chacón (42) left Qatar on Sunday escorted by several policemen.

Chacón had been arrested on December 8 when he was walking through Doha, Qatar, by personnel from the Federal Investigation Division of Fugitives and Extraditions – Interpol, of the Superintendence of International Police Cooperation.

Chacón was listed as suspected of being the “boss” of an organization dedicated to the robbery of large companies in Jujuy, for which four other people had already been arrested. The investigators determined that the investigated event occurred between the first days of last November when Chacón would have contacted other accomplices, to whom he passed information on the logistical, human and commercial movement of a distributor “Mamprin y De La Torre”, located in the San Pedrito neighborhood of the City of San Salvador de Jujuy.

There, he ordered them to show up with firearms to seize “under any circumstances” the money that was in said company as a result of the collection.

According to the sources, the criminals, one of them dressed in heels and a wig, entered the distributor located on Puya Puya street on Saturday afternoon, November 19, with clear intentions of robbery, since they apparently had information that there were about 13,000 ,000 pesos, although minutes before they had already been withdrawn by the owner.

At that moment, one of the assailants fired and one of the employees, identified as César Javier Martínez (31), received a bullet to the head that caused his death hours later, while another, named Nicolás Montenovic (36), suffered bullet wounds to both legs.

After an investigation, the Provincial Criminal Court of Justice, through the Fiscal Homicide Unit, in charge of Diego Cussel, ordered on December 5 the international arrest to the detriment of several defendants, including Chacón, for the crime of “theft qualified by the use of a firearm in the degree of attempt, in real competition with homicide criminis causa and homicide criminis causa in the degree of attempt”.


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