Lawyers and prosecutors warn of incalculable damage in Galicia due to the strike of Justice lawyers

Lawyers and prosecutors warn of incalculable damage in Galicia due to the strike of Justice lawyers

The judicial lawyers gathered this Friday at the Obradoiro to show their demands. Sandra Alonso

They say that the current collapse will aggravate the accumulated delays and demand that they be informed of the cases that are going to be suspended so as not to find out when they arrive at the court

04 feb 2023 . Updated at 05:00 h.

Galician lawyers warn that the work stoppage of the lawyers of the Administration of Justice (LAJ) is causing serious damage to a Justice Administration already battered after the 2018 strike and the pandemic. The consequences of this break are incalculable., they warn from the Consello da Avogaca Galega, which brings together the professional associations of the seven large cities. They emphasize that, although the strike affects all of Spain, my serious case of Galiciabecause the civil servants’ strike of 2018 has already been suffered, a situation that is compounded by the pandemic that started in 2020, which will mean more than five years without judicial normality in Galicia.

Galician lawyers point out that to the damages inherent in the suspension of hearings and other judicial acts is added the fact that citizens and professionals they travel to the courts in vain why no one notifies them in advance if their trials are going to be held or have been suspended due to the LAJ strike. The Consello da Avogaca asked the president of the Superior Court of Xustiza to urge the Secretary of Government, Juan José Martn, coordinator of the Justice lawyers in Galicia and who was general director of Xustiza in the Xunta during the 2018 civil servants’ strike, so that suspensions of judgments, hearings and other judicial acts are communicated sufficiently in advancey as avoid added disturbances that citizens and professionals now suffer.

Other major victims of the strike by the Justice lawyers are the attorneys, who show their deep concern for the damage that the strike is causing to citizens and legal operators. From the Galician Council, two attorneys support the LAJ’s right to strike, but they cannot accept the practically total paralysis of the activity of the courts. Therefore, they urge the Ministry of Justice and the associations calling the strike to negotiate to reach an agreement before the collapse of the Administration of Justice, which will only deepen the delay that it already has. This group remembers that the latest data indicates that until September 2022, the traffic jam in Galicia reached 161,300 cases pending execution. Just like lawyers, prosecutors also demand to know in advance the procedures that are going to be suspended due to the strike. It is not admissible, they say, for citizens and professionals to go to court for their appointments and find out that their case has been suspended, as is happening right now.

What are the lawyers of the Administration of Justice doing and what are their demands in this strike?

Jose Manuel Pan

Protest in the Workshop

The lawyers of the Administration of Justice continue to present their claims. This Friday they met with the general director of Xustiza, If my Tronchonwho undertook to transfer to the Ministry of Justice the demands raised by the lawyers with the aim of that the strike does not last too long and so that it ceases to affect the functioning of the Justice Administration in Galicia.

The ministry summons the heads of Justice lawyers to address the labor dispute

The Ministry of Justice has convened a meeting next Wednesday of the Government Secretaries of the Supreme Court, the National Court, the higher courts and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, as hierarchical managers of the lawyers of the Administration of Justice (LAJ). The reason for the appointment is to address the current situation, caused by the LAJ strike that began on January 24 and which is causing serious damage to judicial activity throughout the country. In Galicia, more than 4,000 trials, statements, appearances and other procedural acts have already been suspendedaccording to data from the organizers of the work stoppage.

Salary claim is not justified

Meanwhile, from the ministry it is insisted that not a single one of the claims of the Justice lawyers has the objective of improving the public service of Justice. It is also ensured that any type of wage claim from this group is not justified. The ministry recalls that the salary of a LAJ fluctuates between 39,000 and 60,000 euros, to which are added productivity, complements and substitutions. He also explains that they had an increase of 208 euros per month for their new functions and that their remuneration for entries and registrations was increased (from 30 to 110 euros) and for substitutions (from 700 to 1,600 euros on average).


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