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Oxford Dictionaries has chosen the word of the year 2022 for the phrase goblin mode. The term goblin mode refers to people becoming lazy and self-centered. This application was used a lot during the lockdown. The meaning of this expression is that people who stayed at home for a long time did not respond to the social order. The goblin mod, which appeared in a magazine in February this year, was soon taken over by social media.

Every year, Oxford Dictionaries publishes a word as Word of the Year. Every time the word is decided by a panel of renowned lexicographers. But this time the panel put forward 3 words. The public also had the opportunity to vote on these. Apart from Goblin Mode, these were Metaverse and the hashtag I Stand With. Time to vote was given till December 2.

The Metaverse world is a technology-based virtual world that looks forward. I Stand With is a hashtag that people have been using recently on Twitter to show solidarity. Word of the year is published by many dictionaries in the world. Apart from Oxford, Miriam Webster, Collins, Cambridge etc. are included in this. The Oxford Word of the Year was first published in 2004. The word Shaw was chosen then. Shave is a hippie-like way of life among young people in some parts of Britain.

The following year, Sudoku, the world’s favorite word game, was named Word of the Year. Words like carbon footprint, post-truth, toxic and selfie also gained a place in the following years. Last year the word chosen was wax. Vax is short for vaccine. What else to choose other than this word at that time when covid was flagging.

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