Leaders reply to K.Surendran’s ‘Pootana’ – KERALA – GENERAL

Leaders reply to K.Surendran’s ‘Pootana’ – KERALA – GENERAL

Thiruvananthapuram: BJP state president K. Surendran’s ‘Puthana’ remark has stirred up the state politics. Apart from the CPM leaders, the Congress leaders also came out with a fierce attack. KPCC President K. Sudhakaran reacted strongly against it on Monday. Public Works Minister Mohammad Riaz also strongly attacked Surendran.Youth Congress State Secretary Veena S.Nair filed a complaint with the Chief Minister and the Women’s Commission demanding a case against Surendran.

The controversial remark was made in a speech at the welcome group formation meeting of Streeshakti Sangam held in Thrissur on Sunday. “All the Marxist women leaders in Kerala are making fun of the women of Kerala as they have become fat and fat,” Surendran said.

When Minister Mohammad Riaz responded that Surendran’s statement is indicative of his quality and culture, Leader of the Opposition V.D. Satishan requested.

It is Surendran’s culture: Minister Muhammad Riaz

BJP state president K. Surendran’s statement against CPM women leaders shows his culture and standards. Such a comment comes from a responsible leader in an era where body shaming is a hot topic. He said in the press conference that BJP should check Surendran’s statement.

The minister added that in this regard too, people including the leader of the opposition are trying to find antagonism to the CPM and the left wing is not fighting against the BJP with only their tongues.

CPM is not silent: V.D. Satishan

Opposition leader V.D. said that despite BJP state president K. Surendran’s indecent remarks against women leaders in CPM, not a single CPM leader came forward because of their love for BJP. Satheesan alleged. Surendran should retract the statement and apologize. If not corrected, a case should be filed against Surendran.

Where has the Chief Minister gone who even filed false cases against MLAs? If the CPM leaders do not file a complaint against Surendran, the opposition will file a police complaint. The Congress is firm on the allegation that central agencies are filing false cases to harm non-BJP governments. However, the situation in Kerala is different.

Satheesan also said that the central agencies have joined forces with the CPM in Kerala.

Bepralam to help CPM: P. Sudhir

VD is obsessed with helping the CPM, which helped them in the Rahul Gandhi issue. BJP State General Secretary P. Sudheer said that Satheesan expressed. Before filing a case against the BJP state president, the opposition leader should hand over the complaint of the Dalit woman who was molested at the Palakkad Youth Congress camp to the police. K. Surendran gave a political speech. What he did was to expose those who are looting the money of the people of Kerala. The CPM did not respond because there was no anti-women clause in it.


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