Leading tech companies such as Google and Facebook are facin

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Leading tech companies such as Google and Facebook are facing a major crisis as governments in other countries tighten their rules and regulations.

Google News service was discontinued in Spain seven years ago for the same reason. However, Google is making a comeback in Spain after the amendment. According to the company’s official blog, Google News will be available in a new form to readers in Spain in early 2022.

In 2014, Google News decided not to operate due to a new law requiring news to be paid for. The government has asked Google to pay for news from Spain since January 2015, according to Spain’s Intellectual Property Act. With this, Google was backtracking.

Spain’s online copyright laws are currently being revised to comply with EU regulations. The US company has announced that Google News will return to Spain early next year once these steps are completed. At the time, Google told the Spanish government that it was only providing news and did not include the company’s ads in the news. Google’s decision was that publishers and the government could not pay for advertising.

Under the revised law, publishers in Spain will no longer have to pay. Instead Google can discuss this with individual publishers. Some people may want to charge Google for providing stories on Google News.

But Google can now decide for itself whether to pay or not. A publisher can be included or excluded.

Google has said it will try to reach an agreement with Spanish publishers in the coming months. A Google spokesman said it would hold talks with publishers in the coming months to reach agreements that would include their rights under the new law.


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