League: Guilavogui and Paris FC delight by winning in a crazy match in Valenciennes

League: Guilavogui and Paris FC delight by winning in a crazy match in Valenciennes

Nine goals, magnificent actions, reversals of situation… This Valenciennes – Paris FC will certainly remain as one of the matches of this Ligue 2 season. this 3rd clash of the season between the two teams, turned into the irrational in the 2nd period.

Paris FC led three times in the score, were caught three times, but ended up snatching the decision in the 90th minute thanks to the first goal this season in L2 from Khalid Boutaïb (5-4), who came back in February after his cruciate ligament rupture in May 2022. A crazy match, a huge performance from the Parisian eleven who shot… twenty times on goal (for 10 on target).

Managers, staff, players, supporters… In a dumbfounded Hainaut stadium, no one wanted to hide their pleasure from Paris FC. Smiles and emotions so rare this season…

With a still sparkling Ilan Kebbal and precious Khalid Boutaïb (2 assists), Paris FC enjoyed offensively. The first goal with a ladle from Kebbal for Morgan Guivalogui’s acrobatic recovery was already a marvel. He set the tone for this unforgettable evening. Scorer for the first time for his 7th cap Monday with Guinea against Ethiopia (3-2), Guilavogui ended his great week with a hat-trick and an assist for the first pro goal of Yoan Koré (18 years old) , the U19 international who was called up for hope this week. He could even have benefited from a penalty (52nd) and was very close to the quadruple but Bajic was decisive (72nd).

13 goals now for Guilavogui, 3rd scorer in L2

The little brother of Josuha (Wolfsburg) took his total to 13 goals this season. Two more than last season (11). In his last six games with Paris FC, he has scored 7 goals and delivered two assists. Behind Mikautadze (Metz, 15 goals) and Krasso (Saint-Étienne, 14), he is 3rd in the L2 scorer rankings. With 30 goals now in all competitions (24 in L2, 6 in the Coupe de France), Guilavogui is Paris FC’s top scorer in the modern era. Under contract until 2024, the 25-year-old striker will represent a strong stake for the Parisian club during the next transfer window as the proposals from L1 should not be lacking.

“We hope to take advantage of his form at the end of the season. It is essential. He is an almost indisputable player with us when he is in full possession of his means, ”said Thierry Laurey of him this week.

Beyond its scenario, this success is also crucial for Paris FC which is getting closer to maintaining and goes back to 8th place. It’s also a good performance since Valenciennes was the only team with the leader from Le Havre, not to have lost yet at home this season. Now a little more liberated, the Parisian players will be able to afford a gala match, without pressure, next Saturday against Saint-Étienne in a Charléty which should beat its attendance record this season.

“The penalty in my opinion forgotten on Guilavogui could have turned the meeting, believes Thierry Laurey. When you give hope to a team… You have to admit that Valenciennes played a very good game mentally, they came back. When I look at their goalkeeper, who made several saves, then ours who made none… It’s always annoying to see that it’s 100% for the opponent. Even when you won 5-4, a match that must have pleased the public, it’s a shame…”

Match sheet


Referee: Mr Angoula.

Buts. Valenciennes: Grbic (5th, 45th + 1), Kaba (62nd), Buatu (85th); Paris FC: Guilavogui (33rd, 38th, 58th), Koré (80th), Boutaïb (90th).

VAFC : Bajic – M. Rabuel (Cuffaut, 46th), Debuchy (cap.), Buatu, Lecoeuche – Boutoutaou (Martin, 83rd), Kaba, Masson (Di Liberto, 83rd), Picouleau (Bonnet, 46th) – Ben Seghir (Nomel , 75th), Grbic. Entr. : N. Rabuel.

Paris FC : Demarconnay – Corre, Kante, Bernauer, Lefort, Mason (Mbala, 90th) – Mandouki (cap.), Iglesias, Kebbal (Gueho, 90th) – Boutaib, Guilavogui (Lasne, 83rd). Entr. Laurey.


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