League of Nations: the summary of France-Portugal

League of Nations: the summary of France-Portugal

2023-09-23 01:22:59



It’s finish !!!

Victory for the Blues 2-0! At the end of a game that was not always exciting, the Blues won 2-0 thanks to goals from Geyoro and Bacha. Les Bleues’ next meeting is on September 26 against Austria.


The opportunity for Le Sommer!

Signaled offside, his volleyed chest control sequence grazed the left post.


Mbock is back!

Griedge mbock also makes his return! She is coming back from a long knee injury.


Le but de Bachaaaaaa!!!! (2-0, 89′)

What a strike from the Lyonnaise!!! After a full-axis restart from Amada, the Lyon striker fires a left-footed shot which goes into the back of the net. Superb goal!


Bacha gets a free kick (0-0, 88′)

It’s Bacha who takes charge of hitting him but it doesn’t do anything.


Le Sommer calls for a penalty

As she collapses to the ground following contact with Amado, the referee signals her to get up.


Renard’s error of judgment!!

What a blast for the Blues! While Amandine Henry sends a back pass to Renard, the latter does not sense Capeta coming behind her who tries from 35 meters! It goes right by!


The Blues not safe

Despite their clear domination, Hervé Fox’s team failed to double the lead and is still under threat of a Portuguese equalizer.


Big tackle from Borges (1-0, 77′)

While Becho is launched in depth, the Portuguese full-back makes a magnificent sliding tackle, committed and necessary. Very nice intervention.


The Morais parade!

What a save from the Portuguese goalkeeper! She repels Geyoro’s strike to her right. Fortunately for the Seleçao that the goalkeeper put out a great performance.


Le Sommer’s head! (1-0, 69′)

The French striker very close to her 93rd achievement in the blue jersey! while Karchaoui tries to strike, the ball lands on the head of the French striker. Morais makes a nice reflex save.


3 ans

This is the duration of Amandine Henry’s absence with the French team. Blacklisted by Corine Diacre, an injury then prevented her from playing in the World Cup this summer.


The entrance of Amandine Henry!!! (0-0, 63′)

The Olympique Lyonnais midfielder makes his return to Blue! She replaces Oriane Jean-François.


The Olé resonate in the stadium! (0-0, 60′)

While the Blues have control of the ball, the “Olé” come down from the stands to gently joke.


The heat stroke for the French defense!

Fortunately Encarnaçao misses his control! Following a good delivery, she could have found herself face to face with the French goalkeeper. It was hot !


Karchaoui’s mistake!

While she wanted to head for her goalkeeper, she didn’t use enough power and Da Silva took advantage of it. The French side comes back well and tackles for a corner.


The center of Karchaoui!

After a good one-two with Bacha, the French side crosses but it ends in the gloves of Morais.


Bacha’s free kick! (0-0, 51′)

His shot is well worked but passes over Morais’s cages.


Yellow card for Amado

For pushing Le Sommer in the back as she overflowed down the right side.


My Portuguese are off to a good start this second half

They returned to the field with better intentions and recovered several high balls.


The right free kick for the Selecao!

This is taken directly from Norton! It passes above, no danger for Picaud.


Here we go again !

The second half is launched by the Portuguese!


It’s halftime!

It’s the break in Valenciennes! The Blue opened the scoring at half-time through Geyoro. They monopolized the ball while the Portuguese never showed themselves to be really dangerous.


Nazareth’s fault on Toletti

The Portuguese attacker thinks to recover the ball but the foul is whistled by the referee.

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Things are heating up in the Portuguese area!

Diani, again, dribbles a first opponent and tries to turn around but is blocked.


The strong center of Diani!

After winning her duel to avoid the six-yard mark, she enters the area and crosses hard. Corner to follow.


Les Bleues a class above (1-0, 38′)

The players perfectly respected Hervé Renard’s instructions by imposing a high block and pressing to recover. The Selecao is in great difficulty in the game.


New corner for the Blues

Renard is wanted but cannot regain control.


Blame it on Bacha

After a nice number between three defenders she obtains a good free kick boxed by the Portuguese goalkeeper.


The opening of the scooooorreeeee!!!!!!! (1-0, 27′)

Geyoro’s goal!!! The French midfielder takes advantage of a sumptuous delivery from outside by Le Sommer to go and adjust Morais.


The flight of Nazareth!

Found at the edge of the area, she takes the ball, eliminates a defender and strikes. It goes right over the top!


Fox’s head! (0-0, 21′)

Wendie Renatd’s face! The Blue captain receives a corner but does not put enough power into her attempt.


Incomprehension in the French defense!

What disagreement! De Almeida and Picaud do not speak to each other and let the ball slip away! Silva was hanging around but Périsset clears.


The bar for Périsset! (0-0, 17′)

After a good movement, the French side has time to adjust a shot from 25 meters! It is floating and almost surprises Morais, who diverts on his bar.


The Blues are growing!

Le Sommer then Diani set fire by sneaking into the penalty area but the Portuguese defense pushed back in a hurry.


Encarnacao responds to jean-François! (0-0, 11′)

The Portuguese striker also tries her hand at striking! His half-volley attempt goes well above the goal.


Jean-François’ first strike!

The French midfielder tries her luck at the edge of the area! Morais relaxes well to push back.

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Diani’s offensive foul (0-0, 8′)

Launched deep by Geyoro, the winger tries to pass in front of her opposite number but makes the mistake.


The Portuguese center!

Francesco Neto’s players press high and take the opportunity to cross, but De Almeida pushes back with a header.


The Portuguese deprived of the ball

The Blues have control of the leather at the start of the match and pass from left to right.


The French counter

Bacha combines with Le Sommer then Diani tries a cross but it goes into touch.


Let’s go !

The French kick off.


Minute of silence

The teams and the public of Valenciennes respect a time of silence in tribute to the victims at Daroc.


The anthems ring out!

To start with “to portuguese», the national anthem of the visitors this evening.


The France group

Four teams make up this nations league group: France, Portugal, Austria and Norway


The composition of Portugal

Here is the 11th of the Selecao:

Patricia Morais – Catarina Amado – Carole Costa – Diana Gomes – Ana Borges – Tatiana Pinto – Dolorès Silva – Andreia Norton – Kika Nazareth – Diana Silva – Telma Encarnação


The composition of the Blues

For this first match for Les Bleues since their elimination in the World Cup against Australia, here is the 11th concocted by Hervé Renard:

Picaud – Jean-François – Wendy Fox – De Almeida – Karchaoui – Geyoro – The Summer – Diani – Bacha – Toletti – Perisset


Welcome to this live!

Good evening everyone and welcome to this Figaro live! We will follow Les Bleues’ return to the Nations League against Portugal.

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