Lean technologies made it possible to reduce the production time of “Valdai 45R” by three times

The Nizhny Novgorod Region took first place in Russia in terms of the number of enterprises participating in the national project “Labor Productivity” in 2021. The target is 98 companies, but 155 enterprises have already joined the national project.

Passengers of the Valdai 45R are satisfied. This hydrofoil can be compared with a business class car in terms of softness. Photo: Anton Deryabin

Shipbuilding companies have become active participants in the national project. This helped the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard to expand the possibilities for the construction of dry cargo vessels of the RSD59 project almost doubled, from seven to 12 vessels per year. Okskaya Shipyard was included in the list of 35 Russian enterprises that receive annual support from the Federal Center of Competence for the Implementation of Lean Technologies. Thanks to this work, it is planned to increase the production speed of dry cargo vessels by 20 percent.

The Alekseev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau, the manufacturer Valdai 45R, also participates in the national project. The introduction of lean technologies made it possible to reduce the production time of Valday by almost three times. Each vessel is launched 28 days faster. So now they can be produced up to six per year.

“The company identified the weakest sides in the formation of the ship’s hull, in logistics, during assembly and welding. And they optimized the processes,” said the Minister of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship of the region, Maxim Cherkasov.

He also said that as a participant in the national project, the bureau had received a regional subsidy in the amount of three million rubles to upgrade the equipment. In general, the regional program provides for subsidizing up to five million rubles within 50 percent of the cost of modernizing equipment.

During the press tour, the journalist of “RG” was able to personally see the validity of the excellent estimates of “Valdai 45R”. This hydrofoil literally hovers above the water, “eating” kilometers in seconds. In terms of softness and sound insulation, it can be compared to a business class car.

The vessel was also appreciated in other regions. According to the general director of the enterprise Sergei Italyatsev, work on an order for Chuvashia for three vessels has been completed. Two “Valdai” are already running in Yakutia on the Lena, two more – in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.

Four ships remained “at home”. They transport Nizhny Novgorod residents and guests of the region to Gorodets, Makaryevo, Chkalovsk and to the Shukhov tower. Recently, Valdai have started going to Strelka. The flight is designed for those who want to ride the Valdai without spending the whole day on it, as it happens, for example, with a trip to Makaryevo. Passengers can visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the new monument to the holy prince, or simply drive without traffic jams to the Seventh Heaven microdistrict.



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