Learn how to travel safely with your pet in the car

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Do you want to take your cocky in your car? Here we show you the correct way to travel safely with your pet in the car.

If you want to go on an adventure on the road with your dog or cat, don’t worry! With a little planning and the right safety equipment, you can have a safe and fun family trip.

Why is it important to travel safely with your pet?

If you don’t prepare your pet well for the trip, it could be moving all over your car, distracting you on the road and even obstructing your view or the pedal board.

Remember that article 84 of the National Traffic Regulations indicates that “the driver must not share his seat in front of the helm with another person, animal or thing, nor allow another person to take control of the direction when the vehicle is running”. Failure to comply with this rule is considered a “Serious” offense, and is penalized with a fine and points on the driving record. We don’t want that, do we? Therefore, putting your conceited person safe and in his place will help everyone enjoy the road.

Here are some elements that you can count on to travel and move safely with your pet in your car:

Harness with two hooks

Prevent your pet from moving forward with this element to prevent it from colliding with the seats. We recommend that you make sure of the resistance of this harness so that it does not break in a possible collision.

Pcut pets on the vehicle floor

Pet carriers, or carriers, must be located in the space between the front and back seats. This will also prevent your pet from being injured in a potential car crash.

Pet carrier in the trunk

For larger pets, it is advisable to use the carriers in a transverse position to the direction of travel. This will help reduce the impact of being in a limited space.

dividing grid

For cars that have a common space between the seats and the trunk, it is recommended to install this metal grill or net to divide the spaces. In this way, your pet will be able to move without disturbing the driver.

pet trailer

For cars with little space, we recommend use a trailer for the transport of animals. This will prevent your pets from getting dizzy on long trips.

In the case of long trips, it is advisable to make stops every 2 hours for pets to stretch their legs. If your pet stays in the car, make sure it gets enough ventilation.

Remember that traveling safely in a car with your pet implies a lot of responsibility and commitment to its needs. Therefore, it is important to carry out these tips to ensure the well-being of your entire family. In addition, to guarantee your safety in the event of any accident, we recommend that you travel safely with your Soat vigente and a MAPFRE vehicle insurance.

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