Learn more about the Mivivienda New Credit Program

Learn more about the Mivivienda New Credit Program

The New Mivivienda Credit finances homes between S/ 64,200.00 until S/ 464,200.00 in a payment term of 5 to 25 years

The Mivivienda New Credit Program is a mortgage loan that allows you to buy any home, build on your own land or in independent areas, or improve your home.


  • Good Payer Bonus and Good Payer Award, for those people who qualify and wish to increase the initial fee. Keep in mind that they must be returned when the entire Mivivienda Credit is prepaid within 5 years of disbursement, with the exception of cases due to the application of life insurance or multi-risk.
  • It allows financing up to 90% of the value of the home.
  • The payment fee will always be the same.
  • You can make prepayments at any time.

Conditions to qualify

  • Be of legal age, regardless of marital status.
  • Having been qualified as subject to credit by the Intermediary Financial Institution (IFI) that grants the corresponding financing.
  • That the applicant or, if applicable, their spouse or legally recognized partner (regardless of their patrimonial regime and minor children), are not owners or co-owners of another home in any location in the country.
    • The resources of the Mivivienda Fund They will be able to finance a maximum of 2 times to the same subborrower, their spouse or legally recognized cohabitant. For this, they must not have any outstanding loan to the fund.

Keep in mind that only the first credit granted with resources from the fund will be able to have the corresponding subsidy. Calculate your quota with the quota simulator.

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To access this modality you must:

    • Be of age.
    • Have a minimum down payment of 7.5% of the value of the home.
    • Not have any credit pending payment with the FMV.
    • Not be the owner or co-owner of another home nationwide.
    • Be qualified by the Financial Entity through which the Mivivienda Fund will lend you the amount you need.
  • Construction on own land.

To access this modality you must consider that:

    • You must have an initial fee that covers the value of your land or independent air.
    • There is no limit to the value of your land as a down payment.
  • Housing improvement.

To access this modality consider that:

    • Your initial fee can be covered with the value of the home to be improved.
    • There is no limit to the value of your home as a down payment.
    • This modality does not apply to the Good Payer Bonus or the Good Payer Award as a complement to the initial fee.

Keep in mind that, in addition, there may be closing costs that represent a maximum equivalent to 5% of the value of the home. These expenses can be: Appraisal, Study of Titles, Notary Expenses, Certificate of Real Estate Registration, Registry Expenses, Alcabala Tax and Disbursement Commission.

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