Leather in the center. The management of dermatological diseases in the Covid era

Those who suffer from it need continuity of care | Courier TV

Dermatological diseases are in most cases “systemic”, that is, they do not concern only the skin but various other organs. Also, not only, for this reason, those who suffer from it need a continuity of care that has come, at least in part, less than the beginning of the pandemic. How then to obtain continuity in care? It was discussed in a live streaming meeting organized by Corriere della Sera with Tonino Aceti, president of Salutequità, Valeria Corazza, president of Apiafco, Francesco Cusano, UOC Director of dermatology at AO San Pio-PO Gaetano Rummo, of Benevento , and current President of the Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, Italian Hospital and Public Health – ADOI, the Honorable Andrea Mandelli, President of the Federation of the Orders of Italian Pharmacists and Ketty Peris, Director of the Dermatology Complex Operating Unit of the Gemelli Hospital and current President of the Society Italian Department of Medical, Surgical, Aesthetic Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Sidemast. The event is realized with the non-conditioning contribution of AbbVie.



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