Time.news – The White House coordinator for the southern border, Roberta Jacobson, he will leave his post at the end of the month: this was announced in a statement from the Biden Administration in which it is emphasized that the former ambassador to Mexico had committed to serve only in the first 100 days of the new presidency.

However the news comes while For three months, migrant crossings from the border with Mexico have been on the rise which in March clearly exceeded 100 thousand. The 60-year-old New Yorker holds the role of immigration ‘czarina’ in the National Security Council.

“A more humane immigration”

In anticipating the decision to step aside, Jacobson has Commended the efforts of the Biden presidency to “repair” the immigration system after the Trump era, making it “human, orderly and safe”.

“I leave with optimism,” he said in an interview with the New York Times, “the direction of our policy is clearly the right one for the country.” However, the announcement comes at a delicate moment, with the border with Mexico at the center of a heated political controversy because the Biden administration has failed to stem arrivals and is resorting to mass arrests who had been reprimanded at the previous one led by Trump.

Record of arrivals of minors in March

Jacobson said the issue must be addressed upstream, in Central America, but in the meantime in March there was an all-time record of minors who crossed the border from Mexico. Biden two weeks ago entrusted the management of the emergency to his deputy, Kamala Harris, but she has not yet visited the border area and this delay has been heavily criticized.

Kamala’s role

The White House statement reiterates the role of Kamala Harris, who will be joined by the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, and by the Secretary of Health, Xavier Becerra. To limit arrivals, the president had already decided to continue making use of Title 42, a executive order of the secretary of security of the presidency Trump, which allows, due to the pandemic, to ban non-essential travel. On a concrete level, this has allowed the border police to stop and send back tens of thousands of migrants.


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