Lebanon in the dark, power plants are shut down due to lack of fuel

Time.news – Lebanon fights against the lack of water and electricity after the two main plants were shut down due to lack of fuel, plunging the country into a black-out quasi totale. Yet another sign of a nation increasingly screwed into an endless financial crisis. Electricité Du Liban (Edl) yesterday announced the stop of the plants of Ammar says e Zahrani, which together provide about 40% of electricity.

In the eastern city of Pay, and residents were asked to minimize consumption, stressing that “the energy supply has been cut off in the country indefinitely”. A similar request was made by the North Lebanon Water Company, which announced “a state of great emergency”.

The lack of foreign currency makes it difficult to pay for supplies: two tankers full of fuel have been waiting since last week in port but refuse to unload until they have been paid. Pharmacies also suffer from a shortage of medicines and are on strike



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