Lecco, a two-year-old girl spills hot coffee on her: urgently hospitalized

Fear of a girl of about two and a half years living in Cesana Brianza, in the province of Lecco. This afternoon, Sunday 6 June, the little girl suffered a burn after spilling a hot cup of coffee on herself. The parents immediately alerted 118 who took care of the call by sending help on the spot.

Two and a half year old girl taken to hospital in helicopter rescue

Upon receiving the call, the regional emergency emergency agency of Lombardy sent both an ambulance and the helicopter rescue service to Cesana Brianza. The health workers who intervened quickly treated the little girl before loading her on the helicopter and taking her urgently, in yellow code, to the emergency room of the Niguarda hospital in Milan. To land the vehicle, reports the Ansa, a road was blocked. The little girl was then taken into care by the doctors of the Milanese hospital. The police then also arrived in the village in the province of Lecco and started all the necessary surveys to reconstruct exactly what happened.

21-year-old boy falls from the third floor: it is serious

Two weeks ago, in Lecco, a 21-year-old boy fell from the third floor of a building. Rescue, he was transferred to hospital in very serious condition. The young man, who lives in a building owned by Aler, has been stabilized on the spot by the 118 health workers. The police are working to reconstruct the dynamics of the incident: it is not yet clear whether together with him we was someone else. Investigators have not yet ruled out any leads.

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