Lecture by José Manuel García-Quílez at the Academia de San Dionisio

Lecture by José Manuel García-Quílez at the Academia de San Dionisio

2023-06-05 10:15:40

The Sevillian lawyer José Manuel García-Quílez Gómez will be the next guest in the Royal Academy of San Dionisio of Jerez de la Frontera within your cycle conferences ‘Law and society’ with the talk that will be given this coming Tuesday June 6 under the title ‘Judicial proceedings and the media. The persistence of parallel trials’.

The Jerez entity inaugurates, in this way, the series of conferences ‘Law and society’ with this presentation that will take place this Tuesday, June 6 at the headquarters of the Academy, on Calle Consistorio 13, at 7:30 p.m. with Free entry until full capacity.

The presentation of the speaker will be in charge of the president of the Academy, Juan Salido Freyre.

Lawyer with a long professional career

Jose Manuel García-QuílezAfter a long professional career, he co-founded the multidisciplinary firm Zurbarán Abogados, with headquarters in Seville, Madrid and other Spanish cities, in which he assumes co-responsibility for the Procedural Law Department in its Civil and Criminal fields.

In this way, it promotes the recognition of the Firm by the prestigious Chambers & Partners legal directory as one of the most relevant in Spain in the Dispute Resolution practice areas.

He is an arbitrator at the Association for the Practice of Mediation and Arbitration (ASEMARB) and a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).

He is Professor of the Department of Commercial Law of the law School from University of Sevillea since 1992 and also participates in the teaching of specialized courses in the Master of Business Legal Advice of the Institute of Legal and Business Studies of cajasol.

A Sevillian by birth, a lover of his land, its culture, its history and its traditions, but he is a Jerez by adoption, since for many years he has felt a deep affection for our city, with which he is linked by multiple ties, not only professional, but also personal.

Link with Jerez de la Frontera

He is the brother of the Rocío de Jerez Brotherhood and also of the Brotherhood of Transportationwith which this Holy Week in Jerez guarding the passage of Nuestro Señor Jesús del Consuelo as a member of his Roman Guard, thus recovering a forgotten tradition 50 years ago, created in its day by the influence of the Sevillian Centuria Macarena, as one more unquestionable example of the close relationship that by Fortune unites these two great cities.

The title of his conference: ‘Judicial processes and the media. The persistence of parallel trials’, anticipates a highly topical reflection.

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