Legal action against officials who fail in drug prevention – Chief Minister M.K. Stalin’s warning | Legal action against officials who dereliction of duty in drug prevention

Chennai: Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has warned that legal action will be taken against officials who fail to perform their duties in preventing the movement of narcotics. The chief minister also said that drug prevention should become a people’s movement.

The inauguration ceremony of the ‘Drug Free Tamil Nadu’ project took place yesterday at the Kalaivanar Arena in Chennai under the leadership of Chief Minister M. K. Stalin. In this, the National Welfare Project, National Student Corps, school and college students took pledge on drug eradication.

According to the announcement already made by the Chief Minister, more than 30 lakh school and college students across Tamil Nadu took this pledge. Through this initiative, a world record has been set for the maximum number of people taking the pledge in a single day. The World Records Union and the Asian Book of Records presented the certificate to the Chief Minister.

In response, Chief Minister Stalin launched a newly created ‘Enforcement Bureau – Criminal Investigation Department’, merging the Narcotics Intelligence Unit and the Prohibition Enforcement Unit. Further, the Chief Minister also launched a 30-hour awareness campaign in which National Welfare Project students, National Student Corps, volunteers, Enforcement Bureau – Criminal Investigation Department will participate through the website to ensure continuous awareness activities on drug eradication. He also released an awareness campaign short film on drug eradication.

Then the Chief Minister said:

I am standing here in a worrying mood. I am worried and saddened to think that the number of drug users and addicts is increasing day by day in Tamil Nadu. There are two ways to prevent this. Controlling drug traffic and arresting drug dealers is one. Next is awareness of the side effects of drug use.

The first way is the legal way. The government and the police will take care of it. The second way is through awareness and if the public works together. We have made plans on what to do in the legal way. I have instructed the authorities to prevent the cultivation of ganja and smuggling from neighboring states.

We are going to amend the laws to tighten the measures related to this. Various measures are being taken like setting up of special courts, confiscation of property of drug dealers, creation of cyber cell. A separate intelligence unit is being set up for the Narcotics Control Unit. I have promised to act like a dictator in this process.

The law will surely do its duty. Legal action will be taken against officials who fail to perform their duty. Right now there is rule of law. This government will not hesitate to take action against drug dealers. We need to break the chain where drugs are passed from one person to another. We have a duty to correct drug users. The entire society should make efforts to save those suffering from a social disease like addiction.

Addiction is the trigger for various crimes including murder, robbery, sexual harassment. Stopping the movement of narcotics should work as a people’s movement. Traders and shopkeepers should take a pledge that they will not sell drugs. Physicians should advocate the evils of addiction.

The role of parents and teachers is very important in this. Parents should spend more time with their children. Talk to them. Be casual and approachable as friends. Never leave children unattended for any reason.

Teachers have the same duty. You have to be firm and yet kind. Say many good things to the students beyond studies. Call and talk to students who are tired. If parents are half teachers and teachers are half parents and foster a student society, no one will indulge in bad habits like addiction. People’s representatives should be involved in drug prevention awareness campaign. The Chief Minister spoke thus.

In this event, BAMA Legislative Assembly Party Leader GK Mani from Dharmapuri participated through video and thanked the Government for its actions. Ministers PK Shekharbabu, Anbil Mahes Poiyamozhi, Chief Secretary V. Irayanbu, Home Secretary K. Panindra Reddy, DGP Sailendra Babu and secretaries of various departments participated in the programme.


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