Legislative in the Hauts-de-Seine: Thierry Solère (LREM) gives up running

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Legislative in the Hauts-de-Seine: Thierry Solère (LREM) gives up running

His name appeared in the final list of candidates invested by the presidential majority in the thirteen districts of Hauts-de-Seine published on May 8. But since then, not a word on social networks, no application letter and no more appearance on the Escudier market in Boulogne-Billancourt where Thierry Solère (LREM) has been elected deputy since 2012.

Enough to raise questions as the filing of candidacies for the first round of the legislative elections of June 12 closes this Friday at 6 p.m. at the prefecture of Nanterre. An unmissable meeting to which the outgoing deputy and adviser to Emmanuel Macron for two years will not finally show up. “After ten years in Parliament, it is now time for me to continue this political commitment in a new form”, admits this Thursday evening Thierry Solère before continuing: “I consider that an elective mandate – local as national – is a commitment , never a profession”.

It must be said that the past five years have been full of twists and turns for the deputy, organizer of the right-wing primary in 2016 for Les Républicains. He was then re-elected in June 2017 to the legislative elections with the LR label, but without a LREM candidate facing him and almost immediately switched, the first right-wing defector to Macronie, in the wake of his friend Edouard Philippe, whom he follows as an adviser. at Matignon for three years. To finally occupy – voluntarily, he explains – an office at the Élysée for two years as special adviser to the president.

Twelve indictments

Added to this are the cascading legal troubles with twelve indictments, in particular for alleged tax offences. The case begins in September 2016, but for the time being no indictment has resulted in a referral to the criminal court. The deputy continues to claim that nothing justifies these indictments and is now awaiting the decision on his appeal for nullity of the procedure, scheduled for July 1 before the Versailles Court of Appeal (Yvelines).

“Not Ministerable”, Thierry Solère therefore now prefers shadow to light, he who squatted on TV sets five years ago. “I will naturally continue to support the President of the Republic politically,” he explains. I will do so for the success of his action in the transformation and repair projects he wishes to launch for the country. »

The outgoing deputy recognizes that he could no longer technically be both a parliamentarian and adviser to Emmanuel Macron. And therefore prefers to pass the baton. In this case to Emmanuel Pellerin, lawyer from Boulogne who filed his candidacy on behalf of the presidential majority this Thursday afternoon. “I will work alongside him as chairman of the support committee,” explains Thierry Solère. To accompany this transition and this renewal”.

The new candidate will only have three weeks to campaign. But on the most favorable territory of Hauts-de-Seine for the President of the Republic since Emmanuel Macron totaled 46.6% of the votes in the 9th district, i.e. the city of Boulogne amputated by a few districts.

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