Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid together? That’s how they were caught

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid together?  That’s how they were caught

Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio Seen next to the supermodel Gigi Hadidafter his separation from his girlfriend of four years, Camila Moron, so sources revealed to the gossip sites in the world. The rumored new couple were spotted getting cozy at a New York Fashion Week after-party over the weekend.

In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, the two were seen in conversation as DiCaprio whispered in Hadid’s ear as she leaned forward. At one point, the “Titanic” star appeared to be making out with the model a bit, as he placed his hands on her shoulders before reaching for her hand. It seems the pair were isolated from the rest of the exclusive party thrown by DiCaprio’s friends, Richie Akiva and Darren Dzanziol In a loft in Soho.

“Leo was with his friends and Gigi was with her model friends and they were all walking around the area,” said a source present at the event. The news of the two’s budding relationship surprised many, as DiCaprio is known to only date women under the age of 25. Back in July, it was rumored that the star of “The Wolf of Wall Street” was interested in Hadid, after they were seen hanging out together at the opening of a friends-only club in New York.

Another source also said they saw DiCaprio and Hadid hanging out together at the same club a month later – around the time of his split from model Camila Moron. While the two have been seen together a few times, a source close to the actor said the 47-year-old is in no rush to get back into a serious relationship. “He enjoys being single,” the insider notes, adding that Leo and 27-year-old Gigi are “not exclusive.”

Leonardo DiCaprio with the coveted statuette (Photo: Reuters)

Similarly, a source close to Gigi tells E! that “none of them want a relationship right now”. “Gigi and Leo have hung out several times and enjoy each other’s company. Gigi thinks he’s a really cool guy,” says the second insider. “Most of their places of entertainment stemmed from being in the same social circles at different parties.” Neither DiCaprio nor his ex Camilla have publicly commented on the high-profile breakup. “They both traveled a lot and the distance played a factor,” an insider shared and said that although there is a possibility of reconciliation in the future, the couple is currently not together.

Gigi Hadid. “Stubborn Taurus luck” (Photo: Reuters)


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