Leopard leaps over dog and bites dog; Scary scene

Wildlife is now a regular occurrence in most areas adjacent to the forest. Therefore, conflicts between humans and animals are on the rise. In many parts of the world, domestic animals such as cattle and dogs are common prey. One such scene is now emerging from Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh.

The scene of a leopard biting a dog inside the wall of a house is now filling the social media. At night, a pet dog came near the gate, barking at the dogs outside the gate. When the dog looks out of the gate, it can be seen moving backwards in fear. Later, the leopard jumped over the wall and reached the yard of the house. Within seconds, the leopard bit the pet dog, jumped out of the wall and hid in the dark.

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared the video on Twitter. Also shared was a picture of a dog wearing a collar with iron thorns around its neck. Owners have put up such collars for the safety of their pet dogs in many wildlife areas. The arrival of wildlife is aimed at domestic dogs. In many places, herds of stray dogs have been reported chasing wildlife.

English Summary: Leopard catches hold of pet dog after jumping over gate



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