Leopolda, Nordio’s attack on di Matteo: “At the CSM he could be called to evaluate the judges who have crumbled the negotiation investigation”

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On the second day of the Leopolda the theme of justice, in a passage of his speech, Carlo Nordio, former deputy prosecutor of Venice, attacks directly Nino Di Matteo in support of his thesis on separation of careers: “The assize court of Palermo crumbled the investigation of the Mafia state negotiation by acquitting General Mori and many other defendants, denying the accusatory approach of the public prosecutor, one of whom was the doctor of Matteo, today Dr. di Matteo sits at Superior Council of the Judiciary. If the two professional judges were to ask for an evaluation or promotion one day, they will ask the CSM, and who sits at the CSM? Matteo’s doctor sits. We find ourselves in the paradoxical and in my opinion insane condition, that a judge is judged in his progression by the prosecutor to whom that same judge had wronged. If we explained these things to an American jurist he would be perplexed because for him this thing is incomprehensible, but unfortunately it is so “.

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