Let the poor rejoice.. “Nokia” company releases a very cheap tablet, the price of which shocks everyone.. Buy a device and throw it in your home

HMD Global, the company that owns the famous (Nokia) brand, announced the launch of two new devices in Indonesia, namely the Nokia C21 Plus and Nokia C31, in addition to the launch of a new tablet called Nokia T21, and Nokia is one of the leading companies In the manufacture of smart phones and tablets, as it has a lot of different mobile phones in the market.

Nokia releases a very cheap tablet. Buy a cell phone in your home

Before starting to explain the specifications of the tablet, many may wonder about its price, as its price is estimated at about five thousand Egyptian pounds, and 210 dollars, and this is according to what was published on the famous Jazz Mo China website, and the tablet is characterized by several distinctive specifications, which are: –

  • Strong attention was paid to the manufacture of the tablet’s body, as aluminum was used in its manufacture.
  • The cover of the tablet is 60 percent plastic.
  • The screen type is IPS LCD, and its size is 36 inches.
  • Screen resolution 2000 ✖1200 pixels.
  • The brightness is 400 nits.
  • The Nokia T21 Tablet is powered by a powerful UNISOC T octa-core processor
  • The memory is of LPDDR4 type, and its size is 4 GB.
  • The internal memory of the device is estimated at 64 GB and 128 GB.
  • The device has a high-quality 8-megapixel rear camera and LED flash, with a front camera also with the same accuracy.
  • Nokia T21 is both water and dust resistant.
  • The battery capacity of the tablet is 8200 mAh.
  • 18W fast charging feature.

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