“Let’s fill up the Divine Comedy”, a journey to celebrate Dante

“Let’s fill up the Divine Comedy” is the title of the crowfounding initiative launched by the cultural association “Naufraghi Inversi” to give (literally!) Fuel to the ItinerDante project: the 700 km route with which the Castaways will bring the Divine Comedy to 7 regions touching the main cultural sites of the peninsula, in a suggestive union between poetry, art and reflection on our contemporaneity. The non-profit association financed itself to carry out the project imagined by Eugenio Di Fraia (director, performer and founder of the company), Angelo Marrone (composer and performer), Maria Vittoria Casarotti Todeschini (actress) and Riccardo Sozzi ( co-founder) and with their “minibus” they will travel the length and breadth of our country with street performances and theatrical events with a high emotional impact.

With the verses of the Divine Comedy declaimed and updated in very physical and engaging performances, the Naufraghi Inversi invite the spectators to re-read contemporaneity, even in the dramatic implications of these last months, demonstrating all the relevance of the Divine Comedy which, after 700 years, he is still able to return a more than realistic photograph of the world around us.

In order to extend the path for the Italian regions and involve a greater number of people in this beautiful “street” cultural initiative, the association has launched a crowfounding full of poetic or fun “rewards” for all those who want to add kilometers to the project : ranging from the classic thanks on the site, to the possibility of receiving a video with the verses declaimed by the actors and personalized dedication to the loved one (a gift idea suitable for celebrating any event: just choose the right verses!), up to the possibility of have the company acting exclusively for the “patron” in a location and occasion of his choice.

The first physical stage of the ItinerDante tour – which has already had a “virtual” start within Dante’s high-level conferences and initiatives – will be held on 12 June in Poppi, within the three days of Dante’s celebration dedicated to the Battle of Campaldino.

«With Covid, the world has stopped. But culture is not. And it is precisely the culture that will save us “of this is convinced Eugenio Di Fraia, soul of the association, who continues” We have “gasoline” to cover 700 kilometers, but it would be nice if, with everyone’s help, we could extend the trip of our minibus in order to make Dante’s verses resound in as many squares as possible ».

ItinerDante is sponsored by the Dante Alighieri – Dante Global Society, the Italianist Association – Dante Group, Hypermedia Dante Network and ENAC.


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