«Let’s see if you stop so much ‘of the year’ evening of Ibai and pay to see us and not people playing the clown»

«Let’s see if you stop so much ‘of the year’ evening of Ibai and pay to see us and not people playing the clown»

2023-07-04 17:09:43

Last Saturday one of the most anticipated amateur sporting events of the year took place, ‘La Velada del Año 3’ organized by the content creator, Ibai Llanos. However, the more than 70,000 spectators who enjoyed the event at the Metropolitan Stadium and the 3.4 million viewers online of the amateur boxing event have aroused criticism from professionals in this type of competition. In that sense, the muay thai championLara Fernández, has expressed her indignation Given the great expectation generated by the event organized by the famous streamer.

Through her Twitter, the professional wrestler sent a message to the followers of the event, urging them to support the true athletes. “Let’s see if you stop so much ‘of the year’ evening of Ibai and pay to see us and help us real athletes and not people playing the clown,” he wrote, to which he added, emphasizing the daily effort that she and other athletes dedicate to their disciplines: «We work hard every day, without help, without any recognition, and now a guy with money comes to put on ‘evenings’ and people see him and pay to go see him. .. Anyway”.

The discontent of the ISKA super featherweight world champion was evident, however, she had to delete post minutes later due to numerous reviews received. Although later he decided to speak again on the subject, expressing his concern at the idea that people cannot admit criticism of their idols.

In her own words, the fighter pointed out: “On Twitter there are too many sensitive and lifeless people.” She clarifying that she does not regret “any word that you have read.”

Content creators against elite athletes

These statements by Lara Fernández reveal a debate that is increasingly present in the world of sports and entertainment. On the one hand, there is the fascination that content creators arouse and the fun that their events generate. On the other hand, it raises the importance of supporting athletes who make an effort every day.

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Therefore, it is crucial to reflect on this issue and find a balance between entertainment and support for professional athletes. While events like ‘Year 3 Soiree’ can be an exciting experience, it’s essential to remember that behind every athlete there is hard workdiscipline and dedication, and that their contribution to the sport deserves to be valued and supported.

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