Letta: “Bad Salvini”. The reply: “Enrico, stay calm”

by time news

Time.news – Hard back and forth between Enrico Letta and Matteo Salvini. The subject of the dispute is the Sostegni decree, which yesterday saw the light in the CDM at the end of a tough confrontation in the majority. For the secretary dem yesterday sanctioned the full promotion of Draghi and the rejection, instead, of the Northern League leader.

We read in a tweet from Letta: “Very good. The #DecretoSostegni intervenes on health, school, tourism, culture and helps workers and businesses. Good #Draghi. Good Ministers. Bad, very bad that a party secretary holds hostage the cdm for an afternoon (without any results) “. Letta concludes: “Bad start #Salvini”.

Salvini’s reply was not long in coming: “There are those who think of ius soli and there are those who think of helping Italians in difficulty with a decree worth 32 billion. Enough of the controversy, Enrico, be calm”


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