Letta blinds Draghi until 2023, but Salvini attacks: “the Democratic Party aims at the Quirinale”

Time.news – Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi “at least until 2023”: the commitment of the Democratic Party in this sense is total, but it seems to clash with the plans of Matteo Salvini and the Lega which, in the past, have already hypothesized a future on the Hill for the current Prime Minister. The topic has reopened since yesterday, when the Pd secretary put the question of the duration of the government back on the table, making it coincide with that of the legislature, and the future of Mario Draghi, even beyond 2023, as that seems to imply ” at least “used by Letta.

The commitment of the Pd

“I pledge and pledge my party to support Draghi and to be our prime minister at least until the natural deadline of 2023”, are the words spoken by the Pd secretary at the Rimini Meeting. A commitment that arouses suspicion in the League. Salvini sees the dem’s attempt to “place one of theirs at the Quirinale”. Because the Head of State will be elected in 2022 and, if Draghi remained at Palazzo Chigi, it would be a force out of competition. “I translate the diktat of the Democratic Party that Draghi must remain until 2023 in the sense that they want one of the Democratic Party to go to the Quirinale”, says the Northern League leader on the sidelines of a meeting with citizens in the Milanese outskirts of Ponte Lambro. “It is in bad taste – he adds – to decide what Mr. Mario Draghi will do, certainly it is not the little Enrico Letta who decides what the great Mario Draghi will do, who will decide independently and what he will decide will communicate it to us”.

The suspects of the League

The game is therefore open. This is also demonstrated by the words of a prominent Northern League exponent such as Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, the moderate soul and more inclined to dialogue in the Via Bellerio party: “Mario Draghi needs a parliamentary majority to be Prime Minister, because we are in such a democracy “, underlines Giorgetti. Translated: the commitment of the Democratic Party is not enough for Draghi to remain at Palazzo Chigi (and outside the race to the Quirinale), but a majority is needed that, without the League, it would be difficult to find in this Parliament.

The ‘election factor’

And then, “from here to then”, when Parliament is called to elect the Head of State, “many other things will happen”, adds the minister: “there will be administrative elections”, then “the election of the President of the Republic and many other situations. We are in a democracy and a democracy implies that it is the voters who decide by whom to be governed. ”Giorgetti’s reference to administrative elections does not seem obvious or banal: Salvini and Letta have long been involved in the electoral campaign for administrative and supplementary elections.

The scenery

That the result of the October vote has an important specific weight for internal relations between the majority and the government is recognized by all. Letta himself, in Ravenna alongside the mayor Michele de Pascale, stressed that “in all of Italy the vote is a vote that will have considerable importance: let’s remember what happened in 2016, a moment in which the Italians as a whole discouraged us, they told us that the road was not the right one “. If the October vote were to certify the victory of the right, would Salvini have the strength to open a new government crisis? It is difficult to say today that the PNRR is still waiting to be concretized and with the Afghan crisis looming over the international balance.

The clash in the majority

Furthermore, we would have to elect the fourth executive to Parliament in four years, with four different majorities and no one can say how voters – even those on the right – would react to such a choice. While waiting for the scenarios to be clarified, the majority political forces are grappling with the crossed requests for resignation from the Undersecretary for the Economy, Claudio Durigon, and the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese. The first ended up in the eye of the storm for his proposal to return the name of Mussolini’s brother, Arnaldo, to a public park in Latina, canceling those of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. The second is accused by Matteo Salvini of not managing the flow of migrants.

“If Lamorgese is capable of being a minister, he should do it, if he wants to be a minister, he must do so, otherwise leave room for someone else,” Salvini said, announcing that he had asked “Draghi for a three-way meeting with the minister. what happens in Italy is the Minister of the Interior. You can’t dump the barrel “. Enrico Letta defends the head of the Interior Ministry: “It is profoundly wrong to cause discord in the Government, especially towards the Minister of the Interior, who is doing an important and delicate job. We support her and above all ask seriousness, even from Salvini”. And the Northern League leader attacks on the Durigon affair: “Seriousness today means only one thing: Undersecretary Durigon must resign. The apologia for fascism is incompatible with Durigon’s role and, therefore, with his presence in the government. to everyone”.



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