Letters from readers: artificial intelligence

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2023-06-03 02:00:00

These days you can read different exhibitions and opinions about AI. Some notes try to explain its scope and others question its safety for the future of humanity. In this regard, it is worth remembering the posthumous warning of the famous scientist Stephen Hawking for science to be more careful with AI. I believe that it was not in vain that he left such a message, because cybernetics has been interfering in our lives and replacing activities for a long time. that are absolutely necessary to stimulate our personal intelligence. In this sense, it is easy to see how education gradually deteriorated while the market offered more entertainment. In many films, from different countries, you can see how some students entertain themselves during class, playing with their cell phones. We also see people driving cars and motorcycles talking or checking their phones without considering the danger of inattention. There is no doubt that all current technology, although it has its positive side, also increases the numbness of the mind and makes us susceptible to all kinds of influences since there are no filters that protect our discernment or stimulate our critical sense. All this technology contributed to the fact that the student read little or nothing, because it saves him the effort of studying, resorting to the Internet every time he has to solve problems or take exams. For all this, it is to be thought that AI can be beneficial as long as it is a tool that can alleviate human work, but there is no doubt that it will also replace many workers, generating other problems whose solution is not yet in sight. However, I believe that the greatest damage from AI will be the progressive dulling of the population due to the way in which it avoids exercising the intellect and critical sense. Obviously it will also hurt scientists to the extent that the intrusion of AI intrudes into their own lives. Undoubtedly, the intellectual deterioration of humanity will be progressive to the extent that this “prosthesis” of thought turns us into zombies and without exaggeration, I believe that over time, it will be necessary to ask the Program if we want to know who we are.

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