Letters from readers: Innovation and Energy Transitions

Letters from readers: Innovation and Energy Transitions

2023-09-19 02:00:00

It’s a shame how they trashed the people of Tucumán at this event! Supposedly they came to this province to talk about Innovation and Energy Transitions, but instead of highlighting the potential that the development of bioenergy opens up both for decarbonization and for the federal development of the country, everything revolved around other technologies such as natural gas. Vaca Muerta, battery-powered electromobility, lithium, intermittent generation with wind and solar, hydrogen, etc. They barely managed to stammer when they passed something referring to the formula for calculating biofuel prices or an increase in the quota. When they are of little use to project new investments if the time horizon barely reaches 2030, subject to broad discretion of the implementing authority, added to projects to eliminate internal combustion engines in 2040.

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