Letters from readers: stillage

Letters from readers: stillage

2023-06-05 02:00:00

It is evident that the Minister of Production does not take into account that stillage contaminates the soil, water and air. We have pestilence and a bad smell due to air pollution, which originates from the practice of irrigating the cane fields with vinasse. This practice, called fertigation, was negligently established by the Secretary of State for the Environment (SEMA), through Resolutions 40 (02/22/11) and 47 (02/28/11). He never gave participation, nor did he consult specialists in environmental sciences. Published scientific papers agree that both fertigation and the final disposal of stillage on unproductive land is acceptable and tolerable in the short term and that poorly applied and without efficient controls, not only contaminates the soil, but also the air, water ( surface/underground) and favors the presence of dangerous vectors for human health (rodents/insects/vermin). The Ombudsman’s Office, on 08/06/12, through Action 4530, maintained that these actions contain environmental risks that were not taken into account or evaluated by those who ordered and authorized this methodology. The research work carried out by the late Ing. M. Morandini had the purpose of verifying if the irrigation with vinasse harmed the soil and the cane field. He never investigated or measured air pollution by: bad odors, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. from the decomposition of stillage. He also did not take into account the impact on people who live or pass through the area of ​​influence. It is estimated that in Tucumán about 3 million m3 of vinasse are generated per year and since the maximum application dose in irrigation is 150 m3/ha/year, it can be arithmetically demonstrated that vinasse is left over. What is serious is that we do not know where it is, who controls it and how, and what is done with it. It is time for SEMA to review the aforementioned resolutions and to do so with the participation of the community and independent specialists, neither compromised nor favored by the sugar and alcohol industry. You must, for the good of all. It is outrageous that in the face of these facts the Tucuman judiciary remains deaf, blind and dumb.

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