Lewis Hamilton tries to make fun of Fernando Alonso and makes a fool of himself

Lewis Hamilton tries to make fun of Fernando Alonso and makes a fool of himself

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton will appear in Australia together, from the second line. The first will be for Verstappen y Russell. “We definitely didn’t expect it. A lot of hard work, I was on the limit the whole lap, but I was disappointed not to get pole position. It’s amazing how things can change, I was content with 4th or 5th before the classification”, said the second on pole.

Then it remains to be seen what the Mercedes can do in the race. “The best thing depends on the track, but no one within the team has given up, everyone has worked to get the most out of the W14. We are missing a bit of downforce, but I hope tomorrow we can keep up with him, but it’s going to be difficult. think about victory, because we haven’t done long runs”, said Hamilton.

So, his pique returns with Fernando Alonso in the race, because outside it has never ended. The Spaniard, in an interview, accused him of being old and having a bad memory. Hamilton has kept it for himself:

“I am very happy with this. It is totally unexpected, I am very proud of the team. Being on the first two lines is a dream. I hope I can face Red Bull tomorrow. My goal for tomorrow is to finish first, I hope that the same thing happens with Fernando (Alonso) as in 2007, I don’t know if anyone remembers it”.

He doesn’t remember. In Australia in 2007, Hamilton got ahead of Alonso to start the race, but then trailed him at the finish. That is to say, Fernando Alonso beat him by the hand in that race.

Fernando Alonso, happy with the classification in Australia

Fernando Alonso went from trouble. He was happy with the result: “It is the classification where we have stayed closest. In terms of performance, it has been the best. We did not want it to rain, now that we have a competitive car. With ‘Checo’ behind, we can get closer in the drivers’ championship. Mercedes always he complains about the car and then they do these things, they always hide. In race pace, Red Bull is in another category, but there is only one, so any problem Max has has to be taken advantage of.”

Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz was somewhat disappointed: “It makes me a little angry, because I went very fast. There has been confusion with the ‘outlap’, I have let cars that were on a fast lap pass and I have lost two tenths. We have changed a lot the car and I feel more comfortable, my feeling is that tomorrow we can go faster. Let’s see if tomorrow Fernando and I can fight for another podium”.

Classification and grid F1 Australian Grand Prix

  • 1 Max Verstappen
  • 2 George Russell
  • 3 Lewis Hamilton
  • 4 Fernando Alonso
  • 5 Carlos Sainz
  • 6 Lance Stroll
  • 7 Charles Leclerc
  • 8 Alex Albon
  • 9 Pierre Gasly
  • 10 Nico Hulkenberg

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