LG Display presents transparent and flexible OLED displays for CES 2022

LG Display, LG’s display division, has introduced a range of new developments in the field of OLED displays, including transparent screens that can be used in display windows and display text or content for advertisers, and flexible screens with a concept for a virtual cycling facility.

As OLED screens are becoming more and more common for home users, LG Display is looking further into the commercial realm and how OLED technology can be utilized with a variety of uses for transparent screens. The idea behind the transparent OLED screens for commercial display is quite simple, since you can see the other side of the screen, the display actually becomes another layer for the various product displays, including perfumes with animation and emphasis on a specific product, or adding a layer of text on the display window (as you can see In the cover image).

Transparent OLED display (LG Display source)

Along with the transparent OLED screens, the company introduced the next generation of its flexible OLED screens that were also introduced at CES 2021, with a new demo of a 55-inch flexible OLED screen with 500R concavities, used as a screen for a virtual cycling facility called Virtual Ride .

Flexible OLED display (LG Display source)

Unlike LG, which presents products that customers will eventually be able to purchase, LG Display is developing the technology behind those products, with the upcoming CES 2022 conference being the company’s opportunity to showcase its developments in the field of OLED displays.

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