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LG debut MoodUP A state-of-the-art refrigerator that stands out in terms of functionality. A refrigerator that is not just beautiful Or just to keep the food longer.

The attraction of this refrigerator is The combination between the refrigerator and the lamp panel LED Large size allows us to customize various colors as you like. by controlling through the app ThinQ of LG There are 22 colors to choose from for the upper door and 19​ colors for the lower door.

This refrigerator comes with outstanding beauty like no other. It also comes with a Bluetooth speaker. can be connected to a mobile phone to command or play music from the app ThinQ can do the same The system will change the light color according to the rhythm of the music.

also MoodUP Sensors are installed to detect if anyone is approaching. And if someone approaches, there will be a light up. Makes picking up food even easier.

In addition, when we accidentally leave the refrigerator door open. Or the door is not completely closed, there will be a flashing light system to alert us to know as well.

This refrigerator is an interesting introduction of modern digital technology to use with electrical appliances, allowing us to experience new experiences. and create an interesting difference from traditional refrigerators

At this time, the company has not disclosed the details of the refrigerator. MoodUP Come out a lot Those who are aiming for the refrigerator MoodUP This has to wait for more details in the future.

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