Lia Bazin, president of the office managers club: “Our mission is to adapt to the company”

There is not really a university module, a dedicated BTS or a business school that offers a specialization to become an office manager (OM). Old and newcomers alike use their initial training, continuing training and “on the job” training to understand all the missions of this booming profession within SMEs. Lia Bazin, founder of the Club des office managers, which brings together some 3,000 professionals, tells us more.

What are the training courses to become OM?

LIA BAZIN. There are not any ! This profession did not exist ten years ago and even if two organizations offer the beginning of courses, we have no feedback or even hindsight on these training courses. Moreover, there is no standard curriculum. We all come from different backgrounds and that’s very good because our mission is to adapt to the company and learn several trades. But many have at least a bac + 3 even if our profiles often scare the HRD because we are unclassifiable.

Concretely, how did you manage to become an office manager?

I, for example, knew nothing about accounting, finance, so I spent a lot of time with the accounting firm or the auditor to understand and learn. I also learned to read a payslip correctly, which everyone should be able to do, and to set up a legislative watch to follow legal developments. This is essential because our role is one of execution but also of explanation to the company as well as to the employees.

How do companies recruit?

Research is difficult because it is not a codified profession or with its training. It is all the more difficult for SMEs as the Covid has highlighted the importance of OMs. They set up partial unemployment, found masks, wrote the health protocols. All this so that companies continue to live. And there, they discovered that we were not only the nice girl who buys the coffee, with whom we discuss and who gives the restaurant tickets at the end of the month. We have moved away from this “nice assistant” image.


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