Liar result, we scored two goals alone

The Bologna coach was very sorry for the defeat against Napoli. For Mihajlovic the result is ‘bogus’, exact words. Mihajlovic recorded the two goals disallowed and Skov Olsen’s post, which would have p His team sinned with naivety and collected three goals at Maradona, where Insigne was the great protagonist:

We scored three goals alone, we played better, two goals disallowed, a post, many chances, the 3-1 is a bogus result, for what was on the pitch, but football is played for the goal and they they were better than us.

We need to score more goals

Mihajlovic obviously has very clear ideas about his Bologna who has 28 points, but he must make 40 points to obtain salvation. Bologna plays good football, but fails to be perfect in front of goal and therefore fails to realize the enormous amount of play created.

We have to save ourselves, we could have done better but also much worse, also considering that we always lack so many starters, we do what we can do, today I can’t say anything to the team, they created, but we conceded goals on individual mistakes, of players who they have experience, now let’s prepare for the next one and try to win.

We have to save ourselves, the team from a qualitative point of view, when it has a mental attitude up to it, it can win with anyone, but when we lack this we struggle, we have identity and play, but we play the game with everyone, but sometimes we miss it. something in front of it and for what it creates, it scores little. So it has been since the beginning of the championship.

I shoot free kicks better than my players

At Sky Sport, at the ‘Club’, Mihajlovic received a question from Del Piero, two of the greatest free-kickers of the modern era, and explained why he scores so much more on free-kick:

If I as a coach I start kicking free kicks, wherever I’ve been, not only in Bologna, and I score more goals than my players even after 15 years of having stopped playing. There must be a reason?. More can be done with training. You have to do it, but you have to have a passion for things. After the training we stayed on the pitch to train, to make the challenges, to kick penalties. But I’ve been training for 12 years. Never happened to find a player who after training tells me ‘coach I can stay to take the free kicks’, I have to tell him. Because if it happens on Sunday, the goal is not like that. That’s the whole difference.


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