Lichtsteiner, the new life as a “watchmaker” of the Swiss record Juventus full-back –

Swiss and watches have always been a perfect combination, it is well known. And who knows if that’s exactly why Stephan Lichtsteiner, once he said goodbye to football last summer, decided to devote himself to something else and start an interesting internship like watchmaker in Zurich. The former full-back, born in Adligenswil (a town of just over five thousand inhabitants in the Canton of Lucerne) on January 16, 1984, ended his career in Bundesliga a few months ago with the Augusta shirt, after wearing those of Grasshoppers, Small, Lazio and Juventus (in Juventus he won seven league titles, five Italian Cups and three Italian Super Cups) and Arsenal. Now for him he starts a new life with a lot more time available.

The future

To undertake a profession that in Switzerland, in fact, is among the most renowned. “I really like this job, in general I’ve always been fascinated by watches. After my football career I want to immerse myself in this world. I would like to know how a watch works, how to take it apart and then put it back. I hope to get a lot of correct information on this sector. In Switzerland, in particular, the level is extremely high“, Lichtsteiner revealed to the free-distribution Swiss newspaper”20 minutes“. To then make a comparison with football, in particular with the defensive phase: “Defense is an art, just like watches. The normal fan often does not realize how important tactical subtleties are on a playing field. Often it is enough to turn a small screw to get a big effect. This applies to both football and football watches».

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Seventh seal

Essentially, Lichtsteiner will be working at the Maurice de Mauriac, a Zurich-based company founded by Daniel Dreifuss. On Instagram they warned him like this: «Please, arrive on time!». Intern at 37 after a life in football, with 291 matches in Serie A and 15 goals, and 108 matches with the Swiss national team, always with a dream in the drawer: to coach. “I’ll put all possible experiences in my backpack.” Like the internship in watchmaking. But nois not his first experience outside of football. When he was 20, he did a six-month internship at Swiss credit, also in Zurich. Instead, in 2009, at the time of Lazio, he took part in a humanitarian mission in Mozambique as ambassador of “SolidarMed”, a Swiss organization. Eleven days in Africa in the village of Close, next to the doctors, playing with the children on football fields that weren’t such: “That trip left scars in my heart and head,” he said. Now he is ready in this one new adventure.

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